Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hola, darlings!

The title of this post is thanks to David Bowie.  No truer words were ever spoken than what he wrote in that song

Well, there is no easy way to say this, so I'll just come right out with it.  The Goddesschess website that has been online since 1999 is now retired.

Time and unforeseen circumstance has, alas, forced us into this sad and painful decision. We have given so much of ourselves and our lives the past 13 plus years to building the Goddesschess website -- it is very difficult to bid all of those efforts adieu.

That is not to say the Goddesschess website we all knew and love is entirely gone -- the Wayback Machine has a version of Goddesschess from April, 2011.  I have not tested it thoroughly but I assume that internal links will still work and active links to outside sources will continue to work as long as those sources are on the internet.  I can but say to you - try it out and see. 

Many of the things that Goddesschess did and made available to readers when we first debuted online on May 6, 1999 are now readily available elsewhere on the internet.  Back in the day, they were not!  So, the internet has finally caught up with what made Goddesschess so wonderful and unique.  The fact that we were pioneers and did it first (and, I think, best!) will not change.

This blog will continue as long as health and time permit.  I hope Don McLean will join me here -- it is, after all, a blog that was created back in 2007 as an adjunct to Goddesschess and it was a team idea, meant to be a team project. Or, perhaps he will create his very own blog, in which case I will make sure to harrass the hell out of him as much as possible.  I've been encouraging him to explore that option. LOL!  If he does, I'll let you know -- or he will, as he is a joint admin here and can post at will.  And I'll be a nice woman (for a change) and not delete anything he chooses to post here.  Delete Wars?  Oh my!

This blog has now assumed the name of GODDESSCHESS and will hence be known!

Goddesschess will continue to promote the exploration of the origins of chess and other ancient board games, and all subjects that may (even remotely) be connected thereto.  We will continue in whatever ways we can the promotion of female chessplayers and chess femme chess events, because females bring a particularly unique perspective to chess (and other board games), even when they do not think they do.  We will continue our promotional funding of events that bring to the fore female chessplayers and award female chess players for their hard work and endeavors.  If we can think up new ways to do this, we will. 

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