Saturday, August 25, 2012

2012 French Chess Championships

A tragedy has struck the French championships.  I will let Mark Crowther tell it in his own words, from The Week in Chess:

Mark Crowther - Saturday 25th August 2012
The French Chess Championships for men and women took place in Pau 13th to 25th August 2012. Romain Edouard, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Etienne Bacrot and Christian Bauer all had 7/10 going into the final round. However then there was the shock news of the death of Christian Bauer's 4 month old child.

Crowther went on to report:

On the proposal of the players the 11th and final round was cancelled. Edouard, Vachier and Bacrot were to play off for the title on Saturday but on further reflection it was decided that all 4 players should share the title.

Kudos to the players and the organizers for reaching such a humane result.  Our condolences go out to GM Bauer.

On the women's side, here are the results for the final round:

Round 10 (August 24, 2012)
Milliet, Sophie- Skripchenko, Almira½-½15B09Pirc Defence
Maisuradze, Nino- Collas, Silvia½-½50A57Volga Gambit
Safranska, Anda- Bollengier, Andreea½-½20C25Vienna Game

And here are the final standings (not unexpected):

ch-FRA w 2012 Pau FRA (FRA), 14-24 viii 2012cat. III (2325)
1.Skripchenko, AlmiramFRA2442**1½½10½½11172450
2.Milliet, SophiemFRA24110½**½0½1½11½2343
3.Collas, SilviamFRA2261½0½1**1½010½52337
4.Maisuradze, NinowgFRA22841½½00½**0½1½2297
5.Safranska, AndawgFRA2298½0½0101½**½½2294
6.Bollengier, AndreeawmFRA2253000½1½0½½½**2229

Congratulations to IM Almira Skrupchenko, who makes a fine living playing high-stakes poker when she's not winning the French national women's chess championship.

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