Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Upcoming Events at The China Institute

Love The China Institute -- someday I'll get back there again.  I wish I could afford to live in Manhattan.  Sigh.  These events sound absolutely fascinating:

Member's Event: An afternoon of Chinese Art at Christie's

Date: Saturday, September 8, 2012
Start Time: 2:00 pm End Time: 5:30 pm
(Time Zone: US/Eastern)

Location: Christie's (map)

Category: Members


An afternoon of Chinese Art at Christie’s

Chinese Art Tour
Chinese Calligraphy: Brushstrokes and Beyond

Saturday, September 8, 2012
2:00 pm -5:30 pm

20 Rockefeller Plaza, 49th Street (between 5th and 6th Aves)

Join fellow China Institute members for an afternoon of Chinese Art at Christie’s, the renowned auction house. Our afternoon will start with a lecture series on Chinese Calligraphy: Brushstrokes and Beyond, hosted by Elizabeth Hammer, Vice President and Specialist, Chinese Paintings at Christie’s. After the calligraphy lectures, members will have a special tour of the upcoming auction of Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art.

The Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art auction (on September 13th and 14th) comprises over 500 works across several categories and periods, including ceramics, jades, archaic bronzes, sculpture, furniture and paintings. Highlighting the sale is a superb green jade brush pot, Bitong, from the Qianlong Period (1736 – 1795), which is exceptional for the intensity of its color, its delicate and detailed carving and distinguished provenance.

Schedule of events:
2:00 pm Variations on Dots and Lines: Calligraphy and Painting in Chinese Art
(Speaker, Dora C. Y. Ching, Associate Director, P.Y. and Kinmay W. Tang Center for East Asian Art, Princeton University)

2:30 pm The Greatest Chinese Calligrapher and the Ideal Calligraphy Model
(Speaker, Wang Mansheng, Calligrapher and Artist, New York)

3:00 pm The Life and Politics of Kang Youwei (1858-1927) as Revealed in His Calligraphy
(Speaker, Elizabeth Hammer, Vice President and Specialist, Chinese Paintings, Christie’s)

3:30 pm From Tradition to Innovation: The Collection and Calligraphy of Sha Huaishi
(Speaker, Sha Huashi, Calligrapher and Collector, New York)

4:30 pm Special tour for China Institute members of the upcoming auction: The Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art

Ticket Prices:
FREE member / member’s guest $20 per person
Space is limited. Advance registration required.

To RSVP, please go to http://www.chinainstitute.org/support-us/membership/membership-events.
For more information, please call Jenny Liao at 212-744-8181 x137 or email jliao@chinainstitute.org.

Contact: Jenny Liao
Email: jliao@chinainstitute.org
Phone: 212.744.8181, x137

Location Details

20 Rockefeller Plaza
New York NY 10020 US

Special Lecture on Chinese Medicine
China Institute is honored to host a special lecture by the renowned Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen, DMS. He is the 88th Generation Daoist Master of Yu Ching Huang Lao Pai (Jade Purity School), Yellow Emperor/Lao Tzu Sect, ordained by 87th Generation Daoist Master Yu Wen, Dr. Yuen’s adoptive grandfather. Having been immersed in the practice and study of Daoism and the classics of Chinese medicine since early childhood, Dr. Yuen offers unparalleled knowledge of the rich, oral traditions that fully integrate physical, psychological, and spiritual facets of the medicine. He is an esteemed faculty member of the American University of Complementary Medicine and other schools, and lectures internationally.
Tuesday, September 18 ~ 6:30 – 8 PM
$15 member / $20 non-member
Author Talk and Book Signing
Three Tough Chinamen
Nineteenth century Chinese immigrants to America, the Moy brothers — Jin Kee, Jin Mun, and Jin Fuey, crossed lines and broke barriers. Tough men whose lives were hemmed in by prejudice and restrictive laws, they were scrappy and ambitious. In an era when the Chinese were excluded from America’s shores and most already in the U.S. kept their heads down, they stood up and fought for their countrymen, using all means available to get ahead, up to and including committing petty crimes and, in the case of one brother, heinous ones. This is a collection of their stories about outwitting laws that mandated that Chinese accept third-class status if they desired even a small share in the American dream.
Scott D. Seligman is a writer, historian, genealogist, retired corporate executive, and career “China hand.” Seligman is the author of Chinese Business Etiquette (Grand Central Publishing, 1999) and Dealing With the Chinese (Warner Books, 1989) and co-author of the best-selling Cultural Revolution Cookbook (Earnshaw Books, 2011) as well as Now You’re Talking Mandarin Chinese (Barron’s Educational Series, 2006) and Chinese at a Glance (Barron’s, 1985 and 2001). He has published articles in the Asian Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the China Business Review, the Jewish Daily Forward, China Heritage Quarterly, and Traces, the Journal of the Indiana Historical Society. He has also created several websites on historical and genealogical topics. He lives in Washington, DC.
Tuesday, October 16 ~ 6:30 – 8 PM
$10 member / $15 non-member

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