Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shell Jewelry Discovered at Dakar, Senegal

I hardly ever see a story about an archaeological discovery in sub-Saharan west Africa, so this is exciting!

(AFP)–3 days ago

DAKAR — Pieces of pottery, iron tools and jewellery dating back thousands of years have been discovered in Dakar after recent torrential rains flooded some suburbs, university researchers told AFP on Monday.

Pieces of jewellery found at the site (AFP/File, Seyllou)
Impossible to tell from the photo what size the shells are.

Moustapha Sall, a lecturer and researcher at Dakar's Cheick Anta Diop university said he happened upon the items by chance during a visit to the suburb of Ouest-Foire in the north-east of the capital after the rains on August 26.

"While visiting the flooded zone, I stumbled upon... pieces of pottery, perforated shells reused as jewellery, iron scoria and small stones including blades which could have been used to cut or carve," said Sall.

"The water washed away the sand and revealed these archeological objects."

Sall said the area was home to several construction sites, where workers said they had come across pieces of pottery and shells, which could hinder any future archeological digs.

"We will do an analysis of the objects discovered and send them to a laboratory" at the university which specialises in dating historical items, Sall said.

Another researcher at the university, Alioune Deme, said the objects could date back between 2,000 and 7,000 BC.

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