Thursday, June 21, 2007

2007 U.S. Women's Chess Championship - List of Players

Posted at Susan Polgar's blog early this afternoon, the list of acceptances and pendings for US Women's Championship: "According to Mr. Frank K. Berry, the following players have accepted their invitations for the 2007 US Women's Championship in Stillwater, Oklahoma:IRINA KRUSH 2512 CAMILLA BAGINSKAITE 2361 KATERINE ROHONYAN 2304 BATCHIMEG TUVSHINTUGS 2263 TATEV ABRAHAMYAN 2258 CHOUCHANIK AIRAPETIAN 2157 TSAGAAN BATTSETSEG 2234 ALISA MELEKHINA 2168 ANNA ZATONSKISH Undecided due to the recent birth of her baby and/or ROZA EYNULLAYEVA 2122 ELIZABETH VICARY 2155" According to a post by SP, Rusa G. is due to give birth very soon so that why she isn't playing. And we don't known if Zatonskih will decide to play or not (she had her baby in March). I would expect that she is physically recovered by now but her baby is very young and she may opt out of the event this year. I checked the USCF website twice today and did not find this news there - so perhaps the Berry brothers contacted SP and/or Paul Truong directly with the information - or else they have an inside line that gets the news up faster than the USCF webmaster :)

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