Saturday, June 23, 2007

Synchronicity at Work – The White Horse

It was yesterday I stopped by and checked out The Daily Grail website. You’re saying “whaaattt?” What is the rational JanXena doing visiting SUCH a website? The truth is, I visit there a couple times a month to see what the “other side” is talking about on the internet, on the radio (live broadcasts), and in print. I can always count on the Grail to give me some interesting news; sometimes we publish a piece in our “Random Roundup” at Goddesschess. Although I try to focus on rationalism in most things, I hope I’m not such an intellectual snob that I don’t like to have a little hoodoo/voodoo in my life every now and then! After all, it’s that very hoodoo/voodoo that led me to my interest in the Great Goddess – and chess - for that matter. Anyway, I found a very interesting story at the Grail about a recent crop circle that cropped up (pun!) in Wiltshire, England – a crop circle that looks like a three dimensional pyramid when shot from the air – see the photo above. Now ordinarily I don’t pay a lot of attention to crop circles, although they are fascinating, aren’t they. How DO they make them, anyway – overnight in most cases. Amazing – well, I don’t want to get us all distracted by such musings! This crop circle caught my attention because it is “pointing” to a “white horse” carved out of the underlying chalk on a neighboring hillside. This particular white horse is not ancient – but of course the worship of the white horse IS very ancient. In Britain, she was worshipped as Epona by the Celts, who brought horse worship with them from the European mainland. Horse worship is extremely ancient – and has been intimately connected with the Goddess. The horse is also intimately connected to ancient chess – both in the form of the “knight” (warrior on horse) and the rook, which used to be a chariot pulled by one or more specially trained horses and “manned” by one or more warriors. I did not PLAN this to happen but early this morning I sat down and wrote the post about the “Holy Grail,” the vulva/chalice symbolism and how it cropped up in the Yakut culture in the form of the sacred choron, a carved wooden vessel that is used to hold the sacred kumis (fermented mare’s milk). And I came across a reference to – can you guess? – a white horse: The horse is a central symbol of Sakha (Yakut) culture; the white horse represents the sun whose light energizes plant and animal life. At the ysakh festival, in the spring, a sacred brew of fermented mare's milk is drunk from special wooden vessels called choron. Well, knock me over with a feather, darlings! Or maybe I should say – mare’s tail…

  • white horse seen in a photograph of a recent crop circle in Wiltshire, England, found at the website “The Daily Grail” – I like the photograph, so I pass it on to Don for inclusion in a future edition of “Random Roundup” at Goddesschess
  • coming across a totally unconnected essay about feminine symbols in ancient history, and learning about the choron of the Yakut (a carved wooden vessel used in sacred ceremonies to hold kumis -–fermented mare's milk)
  • writing about Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code” and his theory that the “Holy Grail” chalice is actually a symbol for a woman’s womb and the connection of the “grail/cup” symbolism to the Yakut choron
  • the Yakut connection to one and possibly two chess variants
  • the Yakut connection to the white horse
  • the horse connection to two chess pieces
  • the horse connection to the Goddess (Epona is not the only horse/goddess link in antiquity) EQUALS
  • chess is the game of the Goddess

Is this a circle or what? I don't think it is just "coincidence." Some people just write us off as nut cases, but --


Anonymous said...

This sounds more like the game of "Douglas Bader" or more famously "Kevin Bacon"

baker b. said...


I was googling white horse + pyramid crop circle in looking for this particular crop circle when I quickly came upon this site (I knew of the goddesschess site before, but that's a separate story -- I think). I found that another image in the search looked strangely like the pyramid crop circle, but connected, apparently, with a *different* white horse in the same county, called the Uffington white horse. Haven't dug too far into the connection, but the surface relationship of the images grabbed me. Take a look.

And, yeah, despite the many claims to the contrary, non-human designed crop circles are "real", and people in the know can easily tell the difference between a legit formation and a hoaxed one. You can uncover up all kinds of information supporting this, but just understand that a large misinformation campaign is also going on. Don't believe me? -- check out the wikipedia article on crop circles.

My guess is that the relationship between the house near the Uffington white horse and the pyrmaid near the Alton Barnes horse is also "synchronicity"; a common phenomenon assoc. with crop circles.

Just letting you know. I'll attempt to read more of the goddesschess site now; long ago I was all caught up.

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