Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Butterfly Redux

It's back to work today - oy! My desk was buried, I had 400 emails and only 20 voice mails. I have managed to clear a small spot, about a square foot, on my "work space" (they're not called desks any more for good reason, this thing doesn't remotely resemble a desk, it's shaped like a boomerang but is much less efficient). Yesterday Don trekked to the library to make some photocopies of some magazine articles and while there, he consulted a couple of books on butterflies, looking for Orithya Wallacei. He copied a few pages; unfortunately, the copies are in black and white! He thought he had nailed a likely culprit for our drunken butterfly, but when we did an image search on the internet for the particular butterly (can't remember the exact name) the color wasn't at all the same. We did learn that at least some Orithya are called "Blue Pansy" because they have blue circles/markings on their wings. Well, wouldn't you know it, As Don and I were savoring some quiet moments on the deck yesterday evening, out of nowhere flits a butterfly and lands on Don's right leg - just for a few seconds - and then whoosh, it was off again. At first we thought it might be the drunken butterfly who'd visited last week and so freaked me out (yes, I had a glass of wine near by), but even though we didn't get a long look at it, we both agreed that this new butterfly was not the same one and, actually, the coloring rather did remind me of some of the "Blue Pansy" butterflies we'd looked at on the internet earlier in the day! Cue spooky music...oooooooOOOOOOOOOooooo.... I'm pretty sure the drunken butterfly is NOT an Orithya, but Don is not so certain. By the way, I've added a photo of the drunken butterfly to the original post.

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