Sunday, July 29, 2007

Orithya, the Butterfly

Still on vacation but the time is winding down - it's back to work on 7/31, sigh. Isis is still in Chicago with Michelle, they'll be getting back here about 3:30. Mr. Don and I saw the Harry Potter movie yesterday (excellent, but I couldn't watch the deatheater attack scene at the beginning of the movie and Mr. D is still teasing me about that); last night we wandered over to a local church festival - tonight is the grande finale and the festival shoots off a gigantic fireworks display. All the neighbors in the area invite their friends over and have parties going and then everyone settles down about 9:30 p.m. to watch the fireworks. They can be seen far and wide. It's always a signal to me that summer is half-over and it makes me sad - but I do love a good fireworks display and that makes me happy!

I've got a pot roast with potatoes and carrots going and the house is filled with its aroma; it was cool enough last night to keep the central air off and sleep with the windows open, but today is already warm and sticky and I think I'll have to shut the house down and put on the C.A. - a trip to the grocery store is in order and Don is going to cut the grass in the back so the yard looks spiffy when the guests start arriving later this afternoon. Party, party...

Yesterday Mr. D and I checked out the photos from Thursday's excursion to Chicago - most of them turned out excellently. And we've got the butterfly picture - I have added it to the blog entry about the drunken butterfly. Naturally, the butterfly has shown up in Mr. D's current research - he wanted to find out more about the "nymph" Orithya. Turns out she's a very interesting character, and has a butterfly genus named after her!!! Check out this picture - now if that isn't a human looking face on this Orithya I don't know what is! Unfortunately the photo doesn't scan out as large here as it does where we found it - but I didn't save the link (drat). One other interesting thing - Mr. D's nickname from our late "Chief" (Ricardo Calvo) was Wallace; and it just so happens that the official name for the Orithya butterfly includes the Latinized version of "Wallace" in it. Hmmmm.... We figure there's a message in this somewhere, we just have to figure out what it all means.

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