Monday, September 17, 2007

Chess as Metaphor

Chess is used constantly as a metaphor, in politics, war and sports. Here are a couple references used in recent news: A chess match in Smithfield Pocono Record September 17, 2007 Do Smithfield Township residents play chess? Those who oppose the planned concrete batch plant on Airport Road may want to brush up on their skills, for they face a formidable adversary. ... If these residents want to be taken seriously, they will have to be innovative in their strategy, making patience and determination their watchwords. ... It will be an interesting chess match. Remember, even a lowly pawn can take down the king. General calls for surge in diplomacy September 16, 2007 Eaton is an intense admirer of the Americans serving in Iraq and Afghanistan -- "This is the next 'Greatest Generation' " -- but contemptuous of leaders who've put them in harm's way. ... The guy he (Bush) is hiding behind is a very good general," he said of Gen. David Petraeus. "General Petraeus is playing a sophisticated game of chess over there while the administration has problems understanding checkers." Is Belichick the Next Auerbach? Boston Daily September 17, 2007 Even before the tape scandal broke there was a feeling that, as the saying goes, Belichick was playing chess while everyone else was playing Chutes ‘n Ladders.

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