Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bare Bones Bedroom!

I have the essentials in place in my new bedroom (formerly the guest room). The curtains have been ironed and hung (I found my iron!!!), the dust ruffle was ironed and put in place, the mattress rotated and freshly-laundered mattress pad put on, and the bed made up with new sheets, new pillowcases and new comforter. Old artwork has come off the walls, leaving spots where I need to scrub and nail holes to patch! My clock radio has been installed on the bookcase (what is a bedroom without a bookcase and a clock radio?) The bed is now acceptably comfy, although the room is bare bones. The red floral print draped over the wing chair is one of the valances for the windows, but since the windows in my new room are smaller than the windows the valances were meant for, I do not think I will install them - also, the curtains I put up already have their own attached valances. I may experiment and use them for a mini canopy on the wall over the bedstead... By the way, that IS a copy of Katherine Neville's "The Fire" on top of the bookshelf next to the lamp. I need a slipcover for my wing chair, which has pink, maroon and dark blue stripes (goes with the decor of the former guest room) - or a new chair, which is easier said than done! It's not so easy finding a comfortable chair small enough to fit in the space I have. My old lamp on the dresser (not in the photos) is pink and white. I need to repaint the base (what color?) and get an updated shade (what style, size and color?) - the shade that I have at present has definitely seen better days! I bought it at Woolworth's so long ago I can't even remember how old it is anymore - Woolworth's has been gone from Milwaukee for at least 10 years! I have no artwork to coordinate with the new color scheme, and no area rugs to go down over the carpet. I don't really need area rugs, although I like the look and extra plushness and warmth of a rug on top of a rug in the winter (they are taken up during the summer months when all curtains and accessories in the house are swapped out for more "summery" fare) and they also help protect my nearly 20 year old(!) carpeting from wear and tear. I feel another shopping trip coming on...Jan single-handedly trying to keep the economy going through deficit spending!

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