Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shira Chess Challenge!

Ohmygoddess, darlings. I'm not going to survive this. I'm not. I hope all of my faithful followers will commune and write a really fabulous epitaph for me, for I feel sure I'm soon to expire. For those of you who don't dig poetic crap, that means kick the bucket. Croak. DIE. aHHHHHH, I'm dying, Egypt, dying..... The good news is that Kelly a/k/a ChessDaddy has been amazingly patient with me - I'm shocked! Shocked and Awed! Tonight he instructed me to download a later version of Chessbase Lite. Skeptical all the way, I did as he instructed and it downloaded seamlessly. I ran into a hitch when I had to reboot my computer, which refused stubbornly to reboot! I solved that problem by kicking off the safety plug thingy that I've got all the techy stuff plugged into. I counted down from 10 and then kicked it back on. Amazingly, the computer booted up in much less time than ever before! Even more amazing, after re-downloading the data base thingies that Chess Daddy sent to me on June 24th, I opened up the Chessbase Lite 2007 program and hitting "open" and then "open" again (as Chess Daddy had previously instructed me to do, except there was no such function in the prior Chessbase Lite program I'd managed to download), I was able to download the data base thingies with no problem whatever! Now, of course, I have to figure out a number of things: (1) How to get rid of the old Chessbase Lite program that I previously downloaded. Mysteriously, it did not show up in my list of "programs" when I opened up the thingy to add/delete programs. So, where the hell is it? If I cannot find it, how do I get rid of it? (2) How to use those data bases I have now successfully downloaded to the Chessbase Lite 2007 program. (3) How to find the time to study everything that Chess Daddy has decreed I MUST. Oh Goddess. I'm already having nervous breakdowns over the two games I'm currently playing. I'm trying to do everything that GM Susan Polgar advised in her prescient Sunday article in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal and it's exhausting! And driving me crazy. And at the end of the day, I cannot escape this haunting, mocking feeling that I've no idea whatsoever what I'm doing. I'm scared to death every time I make a move! This cannot be normal! Help!


shira said...

Hi there,
So you don't know me... I am not a chess player. But I need to tell you something sort of funny.... My name is actually Shira Chess. And your "Shira Chess Challenge" pages keep pinging my google alert!

No harm done, but thought you might find this as amusing as I do...

Jan said...

Hi Shira Chess,

That's an incredible name! I wouldn't have thought it possible in a million years, lol!

The Shira of the Shira Chess Challenge is Shira Evans. Your Google alerts will probably keep pinging for some time, as my match with Shira E. doesn't take place until July 31 - August 2, so in addition to writing about my training "progress" (it's pathetic) I'll be writing about the games as well. Have patience, it will be finished eventually :)


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