Monday, October 5, 2009

2009 Lone Star Open

A Cajun Chess event:
Oct. 9 - 11, 2009
The $10,000 Lone Star Open Chess Tournament starts this Friday, and there is still time to register at the early rate (until Oct. 7th), but time is running out quickly, so . . . PLEASE REGISTER NOW FOR THE TOURNAMENT AT THE "EARLY RATE" AND Please reserve your hotel room as early as possible to get the special chess rate of $85 at the beautiful Marriott Dallas/Addison Quorum by the Galleria! Oct. 9-11, 2009 Dallas, Texas 5-Round Swiss, G/120 3-day or 2-day Schedule Available Open Section will be FIDE Rated $10,000 PRIZE FUND - 50% Guaranteed (b/200 paid entries, $5,000 min. guaranteed) FREE ENTRY FOR ALL GMs & IMs (Entry Fee deducted from winnings) MANY OF THE TOP PLAYERS IN TEXAS ARE GETTING READY FOR THE COMPETITION . . . AMONG OTHER HIGH-RATED PLAYERS ATTENDING THE LONE STAR OPEN FOR A SHOT AT TOP PRIZE WILL BE John Bryant (USCF-rated 2440) International Master Danny Fernandez (USCF-rated 2466) & Fide Master Daniel Yeager (USCF-rated 2364) and a very likely opponent who will be in competition with the above three: Grandmaster Amon Simutowe (USCF-rated 2474) SIDE EVENTS: ONE-DAY SCHOLASTIC TEAM & INDIVIDUAL CHESS TOURNAMENT (see below for details); CAJUN “KNOCK-OUT” G/5 BLITZ TOURNAMENT (SAT. NIGHT after Round 3); and CAJUN BOUNTY (defeat the top ranked player and win free entry into our next tournament! SPECIALS: FREE Chess Clock to the player who travels farthest to tournament in both the Scholastic and Main Tournaments, AND a FREE Chess Clock to the OLDEST and YOUNGEST PLAYERS in the Main Event! NOTE: Please bring boards, sets and clocks, if available, as none will be furnished. Chess Vendor will be on site. Site: Marriott Dallas/Addison Quorum by the Galleria 14901 Dallas Pkwy. Dallas, TX 75254 Hotel Rate: $85 (single, double, triple or quad) Call 972-661-2800; mention the Cajun Chess tournament & reserve early to ASSURE CHESS RATE (rooms not reserved early may not get special chess rate). UPPER SECTIONS, PRIZE FUND & SCHEDULES: OPEN: $1400-800-500-300-200 (U2200): $700-400 (part of OPEN Section) U2000: $800-400-200-100-50 U1800: $800-400-200-100-50 U1600/Unr*: $800-400-200-100-50 U1300: $400-300-200-100-50 *Unrated players may only win 50% of the prize fund except in the OPEN Section where they must pay a full entry fee and are eligible for the full prize fund. 3-Day Schedule: On-site Registration Fri. 5:30-7pm. Rds. Fri. 8pm; Sat. 11am-6:30pm; Sun. 9:30am-2:30pm. 2-Day Schedule: On-site Registration Sat. 8:30-9:30am. (Rds. 1 & 2, G/75) Rds. Sat. 11am-2:30pm-6:30pm; Sun. 9:30am-2:30pm. Both Schedules merge at Round 3. BYES (1/2 point): Available all Rounds (must commit before Round 3). ENTRY FEES: Upper Sections: $79 by Oct. 7th; $89 at site. Seniors (age 65+): 10% discount on EF ($71.10 by Oct. 7th); $81 at site. Unrated Players (playing in U1600): $49 by Oct. 7th; $59 at site. (2 Unrated U1600 Entry Fees count as one full entry) Unrated Players (playing in OPEN Section ): $79 by Oct. 7th; $89 at site (SEE NOTE* BELOW). Juniors (Under 19 yars of age playing in the U1300 or U1600 Sections): $49 by Oct. 7th; $59 at site. (2 Jr. Entry Fees count as one full entry) Scholastic Sections: $20 by Oct. 7th; $25 at site. *NOTE: IF YOU ARE AN ADULT UNRATED PLAYER, YOU MUST PLAY IN THE U1600 SECTION, YOUR ENTRY FEE IS $49 AND YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR 50% OF THE PRIZE FUND. IF YOU REGISTER ON-LINE, PLEASE USE THE REGISTRATION BOX WHICH SAYS "JUNIOR/UNRATED" AND SHOWS THE $49 ENTRY FEE. HOWEVER, IF YOU ARE AN UNRATED PLAYER AND WANT TO PLAY IN THE OPEN SECTION, THEN YOU MUST PAY THE FULL ENTRY FEE OF $79 AND YOU WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE FULL PRIZE FUND. PLEASE USE THE REGISTRATION BOX WHICH SAYS $79 ENTRY FEE. RE-ENTRY FEE: $25, Available up to Round 4 for all sections except OPEN section. Three re-entries count as an additional entry for prize fund. REGISTRATION: You may register on-line ( -- click on "Upcoming Tournaments"), by phone (504-905-2971 or 713-530-7820), by fax (504-208-9620), or by sending check and registration info to: Francisco Guadalupe 305 Willow Pointe Dr. League City, TX 77573. AVIS CAR RENTAL DISCOUNT: 800-331-1600, Use AWD #J996774 to receive discount. ADDITIONAL INFO OR QUESTIONS: Call Cajun Chess at 504-208-9596 or 504-905-2971, or Franc Guadalupe at 713-530-7820, or email
LONE STAR SCHOLASTIC TEAM AND INDIVIDUAL CHESS TOURNAMENT - 1 Day Only - Saturday Oct. 10, 2009 5SS, G/30 (USCF rated) Sections (for both Team & Individual): K-2, K-5, K-8, K-12 Five rounds will be played; Game in 30 minutes (each opponent gets 30 minutes to complete his game). Teams consist of a MINIMUM of 3 or more players from the same school (or for home-schooled players, from the same school district). More than 3 players may be on a team, but only the top 3 scores will count for final team standings. Team and individual games are played simultaneously. PRIZES: Trophies to the top 5 individuals and top 3 teams in EACH section. More individual trophies may be added depending on pre-registration numbers. Every non-trophy winner receives a souvenir chess medal. Awards ceremony will be held immediately after the last round is completed. SCHOLASTIC SCHEDULE: The scholastic tournament will be one day only, Saturday, Oct. 10. On-site registration will be Saturday morning from 8:30-9:30 a.m. Round one will be at 10 a.m. Other rounds will immediately follow. TIEBREAKS: USCF-recommended computer tiebreaks will decide trophy and medal placements for all winners in scholastic sections. ENTRY FEE: Scholastic Entry Fee is $20 per player if received by Oct. 7th; $25 after Oct. 7th and at site. PRE-REGISTRATION: You may register on-line at then click on "Upcoming Tournaments"), or by phone (504-208-9596 504-905-2971 713-530-7820) or by fax 504-208-9620 or by sending check and registration info to Francisco Guadalupe, 305 Willow Pointe Dr., League City, TX 77573. For additional info please call Cajun Chess at 504-208-9596 or email

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