Thursday, November 26, 2009

Diana Durham and Educational Chess

I received a very nice email recently from Diana Durham who read about my experiences as a volunteer for Shira Evans' Computer Labs for Kids' program at the SOS Childrens Village in Chicago. Diana was an active player in the 1990s and had a peak rating of 2114. Diana is the owner of Educational Chess: We have our own method of teaching chess that includes other school subjects, such as math, English, and languages- the Diana Durham chess teaching method.We focus on the quality of learning, not on the quantity of students. Anyone can teach the basics, but only Educational Chess helps students understand things at a much deeper level. We reached thousands of children since 1990, about 150-200 children per year. We have taught in dozens of schools, and helped educate parents about the game of chess. In addition to the Educational Chess website, Diana has a blog. She sent me links to two cool chess education tools that are fun to use: Chess Hangman Chess Crossword Puzzle

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