Friday, November 27, 2009

World Cup

GM Judit Polgar is the only female player left. Check out this interview with JP at Chessdom. Meanwhile, GM Gata Kamsky is the only American player left in the field. In Round 3, he will be facing GM Wesley So, who knocked GM Vassily Ivanchuk out in Round 2. Ivanchuk was so upset by his play that he announced his retirement from professional chess. Let us hope he reconsiders once he calms down. Ivanchuk is 100% emotionally invested in chess, I cannot imagine him no longer playing in the top events when he still holds his own and can even dominate in the "super" tournaments. Hmmmm, I just read at Susan Polgar's blog that So, playing black, just defeated Kamsky in Game 1 of R3! Oh oh! Ah - I just checked at Chessdom - they have live coverage of the game, gameboard you can play through and written analysis.

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