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2010-11 Rilton Cup

The Rilton Cup has, over the years, hosted an exciting mix of top-level and up-and-coming players of both sexes.  Not so many chess femmes this year, though, and I don't know why, but it is troubling to see. Has the prize structure that was so attractive to female players in prior years been reduced, due to economic strain? 

In any event, GM Pia Cramling of Sweden is participating in the Rilton Cup, and I am happy to see her in competition.  She is very selective these days in what invitations she accepts and the tournaments in which she plays. 

I have been a fan of Cramling ever since I first read about her career in 1999, when I was taking my first baby-steps on the World Wide Web, as it was called back then :)  I really did not know a thing about the 'world of chess' before then (other than the bare basics of how to move the pieces), but while I was searching for information on female chessplayers, after having quickly surmised the near absence of any female names on lists of players in event after event that was making "chess news" at the time, certain names began to crop up - rarely - in my research, but they were there - female chessplayers of note.  I made a trip to my local library branch and found a book about female chessplayers.  Already, at that time, it was "old," from 1987!  But it was the only book I could find about female chessplayers.  Need I say more?

It was that book - by John Graham, Women in Chess, Players of the Modern Age, that led me to explore further.  John Graham, to whom I will always be indebted, introduced me into an entirely new realm of experience (with some familiar echoes to my own experiences as a femme embarked on a career in an entirely different endeavor).  It was clear from what Graham wrote and how he wrote it that he had great admiration for the players he profiled.

Pia Cramling and Susan Polgar earned their respective GM titles within a month or two of each other, and they did it the "traditional" way, by meeting norm requirements, playing a certain number of games, and achieving a certain ELO rating. [Even today, with the advent of computer-assisted game analysis and many more opportunities to play in competitive events that would allow for earning GM norms, earning a GM title is not an easy thing to do, despite headlines given to 14 and 15 year olds who have earned the title].  Both players (at and after the time the book was written, circa 1987) went on to have fine careers, with Polgar ultimately winning a Women's World Chess Champion title, which she held from 1996-1999.  Polgar retired from competitive chess play in - I think 2006 (I have a recollection that her last competition was a NYC Mayor's Cup in 2006 but I could be wrong about that), and went on to other things (SPICE at Texas Tech, Susan Polgar Foundation, chess promotion, spokeswoman, etc.)  I do not know nearly as much about Pia Cramling's career, except that after a break of some years, she resumed competitive play, and has participated in the Women's World Chess Championship "cycle" (such as it was/is), as well as mixed-sex tournaments and women-only tournaments, with some success.  Both women married and have pre-teen children.  Neither woman's "competitive fire" has gone out, that's for sure!

Selected excerpts from John Graham's Women in Chess, Players of the Modern Age (at Goddesschess, of course!)

If you would like to explore the question of women's "ability" to play chess further -- check out our selection of informative articles from past and present at Goddesschess' Gender and Chess: The Ever-Changing, Never-Ending Question... 

Now - to the 2010-11 Rilton Cup! 

December 27, 2010 - January 5, 2011

Rank after Round 5

Rk.NameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2 
1GMNaiditsch ArkadijGER26854,514,50,0
GMGrandelius NilsSWE2525Lunds ASK4,514,50,0
3GMVolkov SergeyRUS25944,514,00,0
GMShimanov AleksandrRUS2516Sollentuna SK4,514,00,0
5GMBerczes DavidHUN2526SK Team Viking4,012,00,0
6GMMacieja BartlomiejPOL26364,012,00,0
7IMFurhoff JohanSWE2365Södra SASS4,011,00,0
8IMSmith AxelSWE2448Lunds ASK3,512,50,0
9GMGleizerov EvgenyRUS25723,511,50,0
10GMUlibin MikhailRUS25523,59,50,0
Lindberg BoSWE2404Sollentuna SK3,59,50,0
12GMKarlsson LarsSWE2466SK Rockaden3,59,00,0
13GMCramling PiaSWE2526Sollentuna SK3,58,50,0
14GMTikkanen HansSWE2550Lunds ASK3,012,00,0
15GMSokolov IvanNED26423,011,00,0
GMHillarp Persson TigerSWE2528Lunds ASK3,011,00,0
17IMSemcesen DanielSWE2449SK Team Viking3,010,50,0
18FMUrkedal FrodeNOR24383,010,50,0
Jacobsen BoDEN23173,010,50,0
20GMBerg EmanuelSWE2627Burgsviks SK3,010,00,0
21GMIvanov SergeyRUS2536Sollentuna SK3,09,00,0
GMBellon JuanESP2394Sollentuna SK3,09,00,0
23GMBrynell StellanSWE2492Limhamns SK3,08,50,0
24GMÅkesson RalfSWE2434Västerås SK3,08,50,0
25Arman DenizTUR22973,08,50,0
26Astrup KimNOR22743,07,50,0
27FMLögdahl HaraldSWE2257Eskilstuna SK3,07,00,0
28Winge StefanSWE2290Södra SASS3,06,00,0
29FMStraeter TimoGER23252,59,50,0
30IMLeer-Salvesen BjarteNOR23602,59,00,0
FMGetz NicolaiNOR23172,59,00,0
32FMLuukkonen TommiFIN23092,59,00,0
33IMBlomqvist ErikSWE2449SK Rockaden2,58,50,0
34IMHolmsten AlekseiFIN23812,58,50,0
35IMSouleidis GeorgiosGRE24112,58,50,0
36IMGroetz HaraldAUT23142,58,50,0
37Kopasov AlexanderRUS21982,57,50,0
38Sipila VilkaFIN22622,57,00,0
39Ask JosefSWE2205Västerviks ASK2,56,50,0
40FMThompson Ian DENG22642,56,00,0
WIMCzarnota DorotaPOL22292,56,00,0
42Cederstam Barsk CarlSWE2020Kristallens SK2,55,00,0
43Azizi HaroonSWE2140Solna SS2,07,00,0
44WFMFrisk EllinorSWE2126Lunds ASK2,06,50,0
45Wenzel BirgerGER2060Wasa SK2,06,00,0
46Holving RasmusSWE2211Kungstornet2,06,00,0
47Eriksson JörgenSWE2202SK Rockaden Umeå2,06,00,0
Lindgren PhilipSWE2091Limhamns SK2,06,00,0
49Hobber AndersNOR21962,06,00,0
50Johansson LinusSWE1966Limhamns SK2,05,50,0
51Kudzma LaimonasLTU22322,05,00,0
52Egilstoft Nielsen RógviFAI21162,05,00,0
53FMSagit RauanSWE2406Sollentuna SK2,04,50,0
54Forsberg ViktorSWE2255SK Rockaden Umeå2,04,50,0
55Bazeev GermanRUS23342,04,00,0
56Östling HåkanSWE2206Rödeby SK1,56,50,0
57Hedström JohanSWE2043Bollmora SK1,55,50,0
58Markevich IlyaRUS21751,55,50,0
59Jansson Anders OwenSWE2171Sollentuna SK1,54,50,0
60Olander AleksiFIN19901,54,00,0
61Pettersson AndersSWE2127SS Gambit1,53,50,0
62Bouaraba MaxGER22191,53,00,0
63Wiander MichaelSWE2158Stockholms SS1,52,50,0
64Lokander MartinSWE1982SK Rockaden1,05,00,0
65FMByklum BjörnarNOR22631,04,00,0
66Wihlborn BengtSWE1895Växjö SK1,03,50,0
67Ölund JoarSWE2035SK Rockaden1,02,00,0
Thiborg JesperSWE20201,02,00,0
69Bryntze StefanSWE2135SK Rockaden1,01,00,0
70Palmblad Jan PeterSWE2142Kungstornet0,00,00,0

Tie Break1: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break (fine)

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