Saturday, January 1, 2011

Turkish Chess Federation Gives the Finger to Female Chessplayers

Turkey threw a hissy fit because one person didn't like what an "uppity woman" from the European Chess Federation wrote in a certain email, and Turkey decided it does not abide by the rule of contract law after all, and has CANCELLED the European Women's Individual Chess Championship for which the TCF (Turkish Chess Federation) had bid for and won the bid to host in 2011. 

So much for the Turks thinking they are Europeans!  Since the Muslims have taken over the Turkish government it appears that this kind of sexist Muslim baloney sausage is happening more and more.  And FIDE - the international chess federation which is in charge of all this - has remained SILENT.  WTF?  Darlings, it's all about money.  It's always money.  And women and female chessplayers get THE FINGER once again.

The news was FIRST reported at - and it was not picked up on by any of the major chess blogs other than Susan Polgar's chess blog where I first saw the news - offered without any comment from SP.  The story was NOT picked up by any news service until, I see, this report at The New York Times chess blog, finally, tonight.

I had refrained from reporting anything on the story, waiting to see what would shake out - I wanted to see who would report what, comment on what, see if FIDE would actually exercise a leadership role and lay the law down to Turkey.  But - NOTHING!  And thus, the Turkish Chess Federation and FIDE have made it explicitly clear what they think about female chessplayers and female-only chess events.

So, Turkey, up yours.  I now know exactly what to think of YOU.   I've known for some time what to think about FIDE but, as the saying goes, hope springs eternal...

The New York Times Chess Blog
December 31, 2010, 8:45 pm T
Turkey Withdraws as Host of European Women’s Chess Championship

In a letter posted on the Turkish Chess Federation’s Web site on Wednesday, Ali Nihat Yazici, the federation’s president, announced that Turkey had withdrawn as host of the European Women’s Chess Championship. It was to be held in March 2011 in Gaziantep, a city in the southeastern part of the country.

[This may well be the key:] The prize fund was to be 104,000 euros (about $139,000 at current exchange rates), which would have exceeded the 101,000 euro prize fund ($135,000) for the overall European Championship, which will be held in Aix-les-Bains, France.  . . . .
[Darlings, the "overall European Championship" is MEN, with perhaps a token woman or two playing in the event.] . . .  .

This really frosts my butt (an old Wisconsin saying).  If TURKEY does not want to pay the prize money to female chessplayers, just come right out and say so, don't give the world a line of bullshit.

Shame, SHAME on FIDE for not IMMEDIATELY CENSORING this kind of behavior from a contractee.  Shame, SHAME on the Turkish Chess Federation. Shame, SHAME on the government of Turkey for allowing this behavior on TCF's part to go forward.

Well, for my part, there is nothing I can do other than lodge this public protest against such barbaric behavior.  From now on, no mention of any Turkish chessplayer or any Turkish-sponsored chess events will be reported at this blog or at Goddesschess/Chess Femme News. 

Here is the original report at

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Anonymous said...

I know this is infuriating, but not reporting on further news really isn't the way to go - it denies coverage to those that need it more than ever: Turkish women (and men) chessplayers.

Yes, their government has goat cheese for brains, but if you continue to cover news from there - you can use that to mention their dunder-headedness at each opportunity, too.


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