Friday, December 16, 2011

1st SportAccord Mind Games

The event is over and the final results are in.  The last contest was blindfold chess - eek!  This, from the official website:

Time to say goodbye!
Friday, 16 December 2011
The SportAccord World Mind Games are over and in the final day we knew the surprising results of both the men and women events.

The women's World Champion Hou Yifan from China proved again, that she is the best chess player in the world. Her results were brilliant - she was able to clearly win 2 of 3 competitions! Only in the rapid event, where she took 6th place , was this not really sucessful. Anyway, we congratulate the Chinese player with this great results!  [Keep in mind that this event was sponsored by a Chinese company and held in China. I think Hou Yifan's results speak for themselves, but she is not the best female chessplayer in the world and she certainly is not the best chessplayer in the world!]

The Russian former world champion Alexandra Kosteniuk can be proud of her results also. She won the rapid competition and took the 4th and 3rd place in blitz and blindfold accordingly. And last but not least - she was selected as the Ambassador of this games among the other great players and officials of 5 mind sports. We can't even imagine who can do this job better then her. She was brilliant - on the chess board and outside it.

Final standings - Blindfold (Women's)

11GMHou Yifan2578CHN2b06w115b113w14b111w13b½
29GMCmilyte Viktorija2503LTU1w18b½9w111b110w13w04b0
316GMKosteniuk Alexandra2439RUS7b14w010w012b114w12b11w½
46GMDzagnidze Nana2516GEO16w13b111w08b½1w010b12w1
513IMDembo Yelena2468GRE13w½10b½8w07b19b½12w111b1
615IMPaehtz Elisabeth2457GER10w½1b014w½15w113b½9b18w1
78IMZatonskih Anna2506USA3w016b012b15w015b114w113b14
83GMLahno Kateryna2549UKR15b½2w½5b14w½11b½13w16b04
910GMDanielian Elina2497ARM12b111w½2b010b½5w½6w016b1
107GMHarika Dronavalli2512IND6b½5w½3b19w½2b04w014b1
114WGMJu Wenjun2543CHN14w19b½4b12w08w½1b05w03
122IMMuzychuk Anna2562SLO9w014b½7w03w016b15b015w1
135GMStefanova Antoaneta2531BUL5b½15w½16b11b06w½8b07w0
1412GMSocko Monika2479POL11b012w½6b½16w13b07b010w02
1511GMCramling Pia2495SWE8w½13b½1w06b07w016w112b02
1614IMSkripchenko Almira2468FRA4b07w113w014b012w015b09w01

Photo from Chessqueen:

GM Alexandra Kosteniuk, left, and GM Hou Yifan, right, the 12th and
13th Women's World Chess Champions, respectively.  Kosteniuk won gold (blitz)
and bronze (blindfold) medals; Hou won two gold (rapid and blindfold).

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