Monday, December 12, 2011

No Rest for The Wicked...

By the time Mr. Don gets here I'm going to just collapse into a heap at his feet; he'll have to run the household and make sure we get to the airport on time to jet off to Spain.

Tomorrow - TOMORROW! - is the Office Cook-Off.  Well, that's what I call it.  I have won two golden spoons in my time but for the past few years did not enter an hors d'ourves or a dessert.  When the contest was once again announced this year (under new management), I decided to enter.  But I forgot all about it and ran out of time!

So, I'm just going to serve up some stuffed cherry tomatoes with a new recipe.  I don't expect to win, but it will put everyone on notice that I'm baaaaaccccckkkkk......

12 cherry tomatoes
I don't expect to use all of the following ingredients:

Cut off tops - about 1/4 inch.  Discard tops or snack on them as you work
Scoop out pulp and dispose - you may have to use a teeny spoon to do this
Drain cleaned tomatoes on paper towels in fridge

8 oz. package of cream cheese - softened
1/4 cup light sour cream
2 tbs. Miracle Whip (adds some tang)

some shredded sharp cheddar cheese (quarter cup at most) and fold into cream cheese mixture.  You can omit this ingredient.  Refrigerate cream cheese mixture while you chop the red and green peppers.

Green and red peppers (fine chop - 1/4 inch or so).  Drain.

Cream cheese mixture into tomatoes.  TOP with a few green pepper bits and one red pepper bit, like a decorated ornament. 

Can be refrigerated overnight - line your container with a few layers of paper towling to soak up any excess moisture and tightly cover.  Just before serving, arrange stuffed tomatoes directly on a decorated plate (no napkin or decorative paper or cloth doily underneath). 

Yeah, it sounds complicated but it's really not.  The colors of the fruit and veggies lend themselves perfectly to the Yuletide Season, and who doesn't like cream cheese, sour cream, and Miracle Whip???


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