Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beautiful Backgammon Table

Hola darlings!

The weather here has finally broken, Thank Goddess!  I was up at the crack of dawn moving the sprinkler around out front, watering very thirsty trees and shrubs (grass out front is a lost cause -- it's straw color right now, sadly).

No rain, but the humidity disappeared like - POOF!  Then, while I was outside about 6:30 a.m., a breeze came up out of nowhere from the east -- off Lake Michigan!  It felt like Heaven!  That breeze has kept up all day, so despite yet more sun and temps in the high 80's, I hardly cracked a sweat today, except when I was lugging groceries up the hill from the Pick 'n Save three-quarters mile away.  Ahhhhhh, relief!  Tomorrow is supposed to be back to seasonal temperature normals, about a high of 80 degrees F!  Can hardly wait!  Right now it feels downright cool.  Still running around in shorts and sleeveless tee, and every window in the house is throw wide open and the front door, too!  I'll be able to cook tonight!   I actually have an appetite back!  I may even be able to sleep with a sheet on tonight, gasp!  And tomorrow, it's cut the grass time; that is, the few weeds out front that have survived, and the grass out back (where I've been regularly watering since the intense monstrous killer heat wave began three weeks ago and the rain stopped more than five weeks ago).  Tonight will drop into the mid-60's, great sleeping weather minus the high dew point! 

This afternoon I was making the rounds of some of my favorite decorating blogs, one of which is The Shabby Nest.  Every Friday Wendy (creator of The Shabby Nest, a very popular decorating blog) has a link party and other bloggers are free to link up to their own blog entries about projects, recipes, sewing, gardening, photography -- it's a pretty broad umbrella under which creativity is the common link.  Sometimes I come across a game-related project, and I've posted them here.  Today - another game-related project appeared, and it's gorgeous!

I am thinking that a great many of our readers here don't know much about "shabby chic," but it is a raging phenom in the world of decorating and has been for years, darlings!  While I do like some of the looks -- you know, sort of down-home cottagey and put-your-feet-up comfortable, not pretensious -- I confess I have a hard time wrapping my head around the work it takes to rehab some of the old pieces of furniture that the bloggers work on (nearly all of them are women) to get it looking all new and spiffy again, and then sanding the hell of it and banging it up and doing stuff with "dark wax" (sounds rather wicked, actually) just to TRY and make it look old and worn all over again! 

Anyway, I will let Suzan, the blogger at Simply Vintageous whose project this is, tell her own story.  Here is a photograph of her finished project and I - JUST - LOVE - IT! 

Photo from Simply Vintageous, all rights reserved. 

Makes me want to try my hand at a painting up a chessboard table, if I can get my hands on a suitable size end table.  Now wouldn't that be a hoot!  And no, darlings, I won't just glue down one of those cardboard folding chessboards on top of a table painted black and call it a day, although I may be sorely tempted to do so :)

P.S.  Congratulations to us!  We've passed 600,000 page views since our start at the end of April, 2007.  It's hard to believe more than five years have gone by...

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