Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Marathon Bomber Suspect #2 Alive and In Custody

Was anyone not glued to their televisions and computers this evening as this unfolded? 

I am very thankful that this young man was taken into custody alive.  From what I understand by an interview of a close neighbor of the owner of the boat in which Suspect #2 was found in (covered boat on a driveway next to a residence, being stored for the winter, wrapped with typical covers to protect against snow and rain), when the stay in residence order was lifted by the Governor of Massachusetts, he went outside into his back yard, was looking around, probably savoring the mild night air and some momentary freedom after being cooped up inside the house all day per police orders, when he noticed something awry with the covering on the boat.  This homeowner then grabbed a ladder, put it against the boat, went up the ladder partially and noticed - blood.

He then lifted the cover(s) partially and saw what appeared to be a human body inside his boat. He got the hell out of there in a big hurry, ran into his house and called the police.  That is how the suspect was discovered.

Will we get some answers to the questions everyone has, at last? 

I have to give kudos to Yahoo News -- yes, that much skewered news service, for providing an excellent platform of streaming commentary from on-the-scene witnesses and reporters in conjunction with ABC News (Diane Sawyer was just EXCELLENT this evening) as I watched online, occasionally looking at my television on in the background with sound turned on very low.  I do believe that Yahoo News was the first to report that the suspect had been taken into custody and was still alive.  Nearly simultaneously, as I glanced at my television screen across the room, I saw a flash at the bottom of the screen that the suspect had been taken into custody.  It wasn't until over a minute later, at least, that Diane Sawyer interrupted the report that was going on to announce that the suspect was alive and had been taken into custody.

Good night to all.  While all of Boston comes out of hiding after being "quarantined" indoors all day long, and celebrate the capture of Suspect #2, I feel pity for this young man, who went so wrong, and had so much promise in him.   It is horribly sad.  But he did the crime.  It is horribly sad that an eight year old boy and his mother also met their deaths because of Suspect #2's actions, and another's life was cut off too.  The survivors, several horribly maimed, losing their limbs.  Some may yet lose the battle to keep their lives as they succumb to their severe injuries.

So many lives touched, damaged, destroyed.  And for those of us who were helpless witnesses to the carnage, so much trauma, anger, despair, rage.

And for what?  Why? 

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