Monday, April 15, 2013

Hales Corners Chess Challenge XVII -- Postscript 2

Robin Grochowski of SWCC emailed me the official Goddesschess prizes for the chess femmes this morning.  Total Gchess prizes were $540 - guess I've lost my skill to do simple addition!

Open Section ($180):
Rachel Ulrich won $140.
Alena Huang won $40.
Reserve Section($290):
Anne Ulrich won $70.
Sabrina Huang won $70.
Ritika Pandey won $40.
Manisha Vootkur won $40.
Ellen Wanek won $40.
Divya Pandey won $30.
Rachel wins entry to HCC XVIII open section ($40), and Sabrina Huang wins entry to HCC XVIII reserve section ($30) on tie breaks. ($70).
Here is a photo of chess buddy Ellen Wanek receiving her Goddesschess prize check, courtesy of Robin:
After Challenge XVII Saturday night, I pledged to Ellen that I would play in Hales Corners Challenge XVIII in October, ready or not.  I am starting my "training," LOL!  Games against Ellen and my other chess buddy, Shira Evans Sanford, a new mommy, at  I can but try... 

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