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2013 FIDE Women's Grand Prix: Geneva

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The final round was held today.  Here are the results, courtesy of The Week in Chess:

Round 11 (May 15, 2013)
Muzychuk, Anna- Kosteniuk, Alexandra½-½29B11Caro Kann Two Knights
Ushenina, Anna- Khotenashvili, Bela½-½40D31Semi-Slav Defence
Ju, Wenjun- Kosintseva, Tatiana1-062A00Irregular Openings
Lagno, Kateryna- Batchimeg, Tuvshintugs½-½50A14Reti Opening
Hou, Yifan- Dzagnidze, Nana0-158B43Sicilian Paulsen
Girya, Olga- Cmilyte, Viktorija0-138A61Benoni

And the final standings cross-table (from Chess-Results):

Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED123456789101112Pts.TB1 TB2 TB3
IMBela Khotenashvili2505GEO*½011½1011118.00.0739.75
GMAnna Muzychuk2585SLO½*1½½½½1½½117.50.0437.75
GMTatiana Kosintseva2517RUS10*½0½1½½1½16.50.5433.00
GMNana Dzagnidze2545GEO0½½*1½01½½116.50.5431.25
WGMWenjun Ju2544CHN0½10*1½½0½116.01.0429.25
GMAnna Ushenina2491UKR½½½½0*½11½½½6.00.0232.00
GMKateryna Lagno2548UKR0½01½½*01½½15.50.0327.25
GMYifan HOU2617CHN10½0½01*½10½5.00.5327.75
GMAlexandra Kosteniuk2491RUS0½½½100½*½1½5.00.5225.50
GMViktorija Cmilyte2522LTU0½0½½½½0½*½14.50.0122.00
WGMTuvshintugs Batchimeg2298MGL00½00½½10½*½3.50.0117.25
WGMOlga Girya2463RUS00000½0½½0½*

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable
And this table from The Week in Chess shows the performance ratings:
Geneva WGP 2013 Geneva SUI (SUI), 3-15 v 2013cat. XI (2511)
1.Khotenashvili, BelamGEO2505*½01½110111182686
2.Muzychuk, AnnagSLO2585½*1½½½½1½½112636
3.Kosintseva, TatianagRUS251710*½½01½½1½12574
4.Dzagnidze, NanagGEO25450½½*½101½½112572
5.Ushenina, AnnagUKR2491½½½½*0½11½½½62548
6.Ju, WenjunwgCHN25440½101*½½0½1162543
7.Lagno, KaterynagUKR25480½01½½*01½½12507
8.Hou, YifangCHN261710½00½1*½10½52464
9.Kosteniuk, AlexandragRUS24910½½½010½*½1½52476
10.Cmilyte, ViktorijagLTU25220½0½½½½0½*½12444
11.Batchimeg, TuvshintugswgMGL229800½0½0½10½*½2396
12.Girya, OlgawgRUS24630000½00½½0½*22252

Once again, the Georgian players show that their country's herstory of producing great female chessplayers is no fluke.  Holy Hathor, what performances by Khotenashvili (I confess I did not recognize her name prior to this tournament, or maybe I just wasn't paying sufficient attention!) and Dzagnidze. 

I was rooting for my favorites (Kosteniuk, Lahno/Lagno), but the Chess Goddess wasn't paying any attention to me this time around, alas.

Some commentary from the official website:

In the last round Georgian player Bela Khotenashvili managed to make a draw against Anna Ushenina and won the tournament. Her nearest rival Anna Muzychuk had to win the game in order to catch the leader but Slovenian player didn’t get anything out of the opening and drew against Alexandra Kosteniuk. “I’m very happy to win this tournament and consider this result as the best one in my career so far. I would like to thank Georgian chess federation, President of GCF Giya Giorgadze and our coach Davit Jojua for their help”, said Bela Khotenashvili at the final press conference.

It became clear today how tired all players are as they were making such mistakes which don’t appear in their games normally. Ukrainian player Katerina Lagno overlooked the piece blunder of her opponent Batchimeg Tuvshintugs, Hou Yifan missed winning chances in the endgame and lost the game against Nana Dzagnidze. Tatiana Kosintseva had a very good position after the opening but was spending a lot of time and lost against Ju Wenjun. Viktorija Cmilyte outplay Olga Girya. As a result, Nana Dzagnidze tied for the third place with Tatiana Kosintseva.

Muzychuk-Kosteniuk 1/2-1/2

Photo by Anastasiya Karlovich

It was an important game for Anna Muzychuk, as in case of victory she had a chance to catch Bela Khotenashvili. “If I could manage to get better position I would definitely play for win”, said Anna Muzychuk but I seems White didn’t get this opportunity during the game. Slovenian player didn’t expect Alexandra Kosteniuk to play Caro-Kann and Russian player managed to equalize the position quite easily. There was no way to improve the position for both sides and the game finished in a draw after 29 moves. Anna Muzychuk finished the tournament without losing any game.

Lagno–Batchimeg 1/2-1/2

Photo by Anastasiya Karlovich

Once again Mongolian player showed good opening preparation and didn’t get any problems with Black. Both players started to play unpredictably after 25 moves and for some time we had doubts in the press-center if there were problems with transmission or not. As it was proved at the press conference, Mongolian player simply blundered a piece by playing Ba4 but surprisingly Katerina Lagno didn’t take the bishop. As both players pointed out, they simply missed Na4! Katerina Lagno simply followed her plan Nc1-Ne2 and could not imagine that Black blundered a bishop. Black had advantage in the endgame but Katerina Lagno managed to transfer the position into the endgame with the opposite color bishops.

And how about this commentary about the Hou-Dzagnidze game!

 Hou-Dzagnidze 0-1

Nana Dzagnidze used to play 9…0-0 but feeling sleepy she mixed moves in the opening. White had slightly better position after the opening and Nana decided to sacrifice the exchange to complicate the game. “I think Black is just worse if I don’t do anything”, said Georgian player at the press conference. However, Hou Yifan managed to get absolutely winning position but had to play precisely as Nana was creating threats all the time. Black used his last chance - brought the king to the center and tried to advance e-pawn. Under the time pressure former world champion started to play inaccurately and even lost the game.


According to the FIDE calendar for FIDE events, the next Women's Grand Prix is:

Women's FIDE Grand Prix SeriesDilijan, Armenia15-Jun-201329-Jun-2013
But there is not yet an official website.

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