Sunday, May 12, 2013

2013 U.S. Women's Chess Championship: Winner of the Goddesschess Fighting Chess Award

And the winner is...


Anna put together a superb record of points after her early R3 loss to Irina Krush, the repeat U.S. Women's Champion.  She bounced back from that defeat and fought hard for every point thereafter to put herself into a solid position.  In doing so, she demonstrated that fighting spirit and resolve to win that our award is all about. 

As you know, GM Alexandra Kosteniuk, the Chess Queen (TM), agreed to be our judge for this year's Goddesschess Fighting Chess Award.  Right now she is participating in the FIDE Women's Grand Prix in Geneva. You can follow the action. Thanks to GM and 12 World Women's Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk for her invaluable assistance!

For more perspective on how the decision on the winner was reached and more information on Anna Zatonskih, please see Alexandra's chess blog

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