Monday, April 28, 2014

FIDE Women's Grand Prix 2014 Khanty Masiysk

Hola darlings!  My last post for tonight.  This selling the house thing is INSANE!  It has consumed weeks and is yet to consume more weeks, because finally, the buyers have fully committed to purchasing after endless contractors tramping through or around the house (sometimes both); now the buyers have to procure a financing commitment, or the entire deal will once again teeter on the brink.  Meanwhile, I now once again have to pick up the house hunt in a market that has extremely slim pickings for me at the moment.  I should have known.  I should have chased the kids away with garlic and a mirror rather than agree to this!  Geez.

One of my chess favorites, GM Alexandra Kosteniuk, did very well this event, digging herself out of a hole in this event, but it was won by GM Hou Yifan.  I continue to be impressed by WGM Olga Girya.  Look at her performance rating. 

I last left you off with the standings after R7.  Here are the final standings:

16GMHou Yifan2618CHN024848,5117,381124842695
24WGMGirya Olga2450RUS7025007,0114,752325002602
312GMKosteniuk Alexandra2527RUS024936,5115,99524932558
410GMLagno Kateryna2543UKR6½24916,0116,26-324912527
55GMMuzychuk Anna2560SLO6½24906,0116,51-524902526
69GMDzagnidze Nana2550GEO124915,5116,37-924912491
71GMStefanova Antoaneta2489BUL024965,5115,37124962496
83GMZhao Xue2552CHN5½24905,0116,38-1424902454
92GMUshenina Anna2501UKR5½24955,0115,57-624952459
1011WGMMuminova Nafisa2321UZB4025114,0112,841725112409
117GMKosintseva Tatiana2496RUS½24963,5115,47-2024962363
128WGMBatchimeg Tuvshintugs2340MGL½25103,5113,11625102377

How sad that while Russia is bullying Ukraine, a sovereign independent nation, chessplayers from Russia and Ukraine, who have known each other and played each other many times at these elite events because they are some of the best female players in the world, had to face each other over the board with such international tensions exploding in the headlines day after day.  Many of them are mothers as well as star chessplayers; these women belong to an elite sorority, so to speak, and share many bonds and similarities.  Too bad that the dream of chess cannot be realized in a world still controlled by silly men, one whom has a penchant for riding around with bare breasts.  Yuch!

Official website -- lots of photographs and round by round reports. 

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