Sunday, June 8, 2014

The World's Oldest Pants [Thus Far] Discovered

Call it a hunch, but my bet is that females were the first pants-wearing horseback riders. 

Here's why.  Women are credited with taming wolves (dogs), boars (pigs), bovines (cows) -- and eqquines (horses), too.  The dudes were too busy hunting to worry about "taming" animals; it was the women who came into close contact with these animals on a day-in and day-out basis as they went about gathering eggs (but always being careful to leave some behind), wild rice, fish, berries, grains, roots, tender stalks and other assorted shoots, herbs and greens, the origins of which lay the ancient artcraft of medicine. I cannot imagine that most women would be able to resist trying to tend to infant animals found alone in a nest or a den.

Let us hoe that because the trousers (pants) were recovered from two ancient male burials in the Tarim Basin, it is NOT automatically assumed that all pants-wears MUST have been male.  Such a gender biased assumption makes for bad science.


First pants worn by horse riders 3,000 years ago

Oldest known trousers originated in Central Asia

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