Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Calling You"

Hola Darlings!

I'm still being lazy in this now seventh week of my retirement.  I am doing things around the house -- the more than foot of snow that lingered for weeks because of the abnormally cold temperatures melted over the past week, thank Goddess!  We had far above normal temperatures, the last of which was yesterday when we reached 71 degrees F!!!  I worked outside raking up the left-overs of last autumn's leaves in the warm sunshine and worked up a sweat!  Now the cold has returned with bitter winds out of the northwest, but I think the worst may be over for this season.  I am planning a trip to sunny Las Vegas next month to get away from Milwaukee's chill and hopefully, when I return, the cold will be gone for six months!

I stumbled upon the Polish version of  "The Voice" links.  Poland!  I do not understand a word that is being spoken other than the English words that Dorota Osinska sings in her version of the mega-smash-hit "Calling You" that was sung by Jevetta Steele and is the flag-ship song of the movie "Bagdad Cafe."  Dorota sang the song with pure, raw emotion and an angelic voice.  I cry every time I watch this video and here her sing.  I think about Mr. Don and how much I miss him every day.

This is the video of Dorota's first appearance on Poland's "The Voice" and is over 7 minutes long -- it shows the judges in their chairs and their reactions as Dorota sings.  The actual song itself is about 2.05 minutes so you can stop the video after her performance if you don't want to watch the rest.  But watching the entire performance and the judges' reactions, even though not understanding a word they said, is well worthwhile:

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