Sunday, August 8, 2010

2010 World Boardgames Championships

I do not recall hearing of this event before - but - here it is - along with information on the Boardgame Players Association:

News report on the 2010 Championship (CBS Channel 21 News, World Board Game Championships happening now in Lancaster.  Last Update: 8/05 11:20 am )

The 2010 event 2 - 8 August, 2010, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Competitors will battle for championship titles in 100 different boardgames.  Here is a list of games played in past championships (through 2009).  I can confidently assert that I have never heard of any of the games on the list!  No Stratego, Battleship, Shoots and Ladders, the Game of Life, or Parcheesi?  I'm out of luck, then. 
Seriously, sounds like a lot of fun for a whole lot of people. They compete for trophies and tee-shirts and the glory of winning a title, there is a lot of fun and comradery, but don't think the players aren't deadly serious about what they do.  They are just as enthused about their avocation as I am about Goddesschess.  I should point out that this appears to be an overwhelmingly male-dominated area of endeavor.  Here, for instance, are photos of WBC Boardmasters as of June 28, 2010, and they are all guys! 

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PGeerkens said...

You picked a bad year - women usually win some events at WBC. Check out Rebecca Hebner, who started winning at WBC around age 12, and a few years back was the first competitor ever to win 4 events at WBC in a single year.

Pieter Geerkens

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