Sunday, August 8, 2010

Computer Labs for Kids: South Central Los Angeles - Classes 5 and 6!

The latest from the Computer Labs for Kids blog on the project in South Central Los Angeles (classes 5 and 6). Please visit Shira Evans' CL4K blog for photos and additional information, including a new fundraising endeavor which is sure to please moms of young kids everywhere - check out the wood block letter puzzles :) 

Saturday, July 26, fifth class.
I was excited to see that the kids brought two of their friends with them to our class this Saturday.

We had so much fun! The first thing we did was take apart an iBook. The kids took turns putting the laptop parts back in place.

They learned where the memory is located and how to replace it.

Next we watched three videos – do not steal, be worthy of trust and fulfill your obligations.

We had group discussions about each one, and I think the one that was very real to kids was be worthy of trust. I saw a lot of agreement that they have had people in their lives that did break their promises. We talked about what you can do when you’ve found you’ve broken your promise and how to gain back trust.

Next we had a free time and some explored the laptops. Louie played with the electronics kit, and Meara explored the iBook laptop.

Then we made a video as a class. The kids came up with some ideas for it as well as the volunteers. To me this was the best part of the day, as they shared some of their creativity and personality.

The kids on YouTube

Saturday, July 31st was our sixth class.

We started the course learning about internet safety and went over the tips for kids from the FBI website.

Then the kids got their own email accounts and we practiced sending and receiving emails.

Next we called each other on skype and saw each other’s faces through video.
The Way to Happiness lessons we covered where Be Industrious and Be Competent.

I enjoyed hearing from the kids the things they wanted to be competent in. I can’t wait to see these kids as our leaders in the future. It makes me so happy to hear their dreams. Now they know how they can attain their goals by being industrious and competent.

Today we had a photographer with us from the Pasadena Star News!!! They said we will be featured on August 4th.

We left with a lot of smiles!

Check back with us after next Saturday’s course.
Shira seriously whupped my butt in a chess game at that I was silly enough to challenge her to; it ended yesterday - I did not even survive 30 moves, eek!  But today,  Ms. Never Say Die Newton once again challenged Shira to a new game.  What was I thinking?  Maybe she won't receive the email challenge...

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