Saturday, December 25, 2010

Memories of Today and Recent Christmases Past

'Sis surprised me with a call at 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. her time, which is very early for her!  Merry Christmas, 'Sis and Michelle.  Mr. Don and I have already nattered back and forth via email - what a wonderful invention.

Christmas 2009 with gifts stewn about.  One of my
work stations is in the background - my trusty Toshiba laptop.
They received the gifts I sent.  The memory photo album (10 years worth of memories that took me months, off and on, to put together, and it still wasn't finished as much as I would have liked at the end, but I had to get it to the Fedex office to ship out with a day or two to spare in case the weather delayed delivery -- I wanted to make sure it was there before Christmas Eve, if possible) is a big hit.  'Sis said Michelle has abducted it, and pulled out their photographs and will be adding to the blank spaces I left for just such a thing to happen.  The plans for a Milwaukee Christmas get-together did not come about,  but we have hatched a new plan... Can't wait to see the album when we visit Las Vegas in the spring - Mr. Don hasn't seen it so it will be a treat for him, too.

Christmas 2008 at Mom's house, with Mr. Don
and Penny the Dog.
The special "Tower of Chocolates" that I ordered for them from Wine Country Gifts (they have the loveliest items put together in a special way and guarantee delivery by Christmas) is a big hit.  It's sitting under the tree, out of its delivery box but otherwise unopened.  It will be opened this evening when 'Sis returns from work -- Las Vegas doesn't shut down for Christmas and 'Sis will be dealing poker today. 

I am about to dig into a good book for a couple of hours, and then continue work on the Family Tree -- so much for that plan to have it done by Christmas!  But it's close, very close. 

Mom's 2008 Tree.

Mitchell Park Domes, Milwaukee, WI, Christmas, 2008.
It was brutally cold that day - way below zero, but the
Sun was out and the Domes were crowded with hearty Wisconsinites.

Another photo from the Christmas, 2008 display
at the Mitchell Park Domes - a little blurry but very colorful!

Hundreds of pointsettias - it was so beautiful.

I've got more photos on the old desk top that is experiencing problems.  Will try and get it to boot up and post more photos.  But first, I'm going to bake some special recipe Newton brownies :)

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