Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Women's World Chess Championship - Final Between Hou and Ruan

Game 4 - Ruan wins.  Summary from official website:

Ruan Lufei won the fourth game of the final match and used her last chance to equalize the score! Playing with white pieces she chose an active continuation called Keres attack in Sicilian defense.

Tomorrow the last tie-break will be played at 12 a.m. It will consist of the 4 rapid games. 2 blitz games will follow if the score will be still equal. If it’s not enough to determine a World Champion the match will be decided in Armageddon. During the World Championship Ruan Lufei had already played in five tie-breaks while Hou Yifan had participated in only one (in the match with Zhu Chen).

Short (very short) interview with Ruan Lufei at official website:

IMG_7341“I have an opportunity which I got for free”

Anastasia Karlovich- Congratulations with your victory today. Please tell how did you manage to win? Did you feel any pressure during the game?

Lufei Ruan- Before the last game I thought I don’t have much chance and I thought she would win or maybe it would be a draw. I thought I only need to play, just to play it. If I have chance I’ll take it if I don’t have chance than just a joy of the game is ok. Anyway I’m satisfied with my result here now…  I’m satisfied even if I’m on the second place.

A.K- What about tomorrow tie-breaks. You won all previous matches in tie-breaks, so what is your feeling before the last one?

L.R- Hou Yifan is a very good rapid player, so she has good chances. I think she should have won the match today, so I still have options tomorrow. I have an opportunity which I get for free and I just want to play.

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