Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Women's World Chess Championship - Final Between Hou and Ruan

Game 3 today - a draw.  Game 4 tomorrow.  Ruan needs a win to force rapid and, if necessary, blitz games to determine the title.  A draw tomorrow gives the title to Hou.

Here is the summary from the offical website:

The third game of the match was drawn, therefore Hou Yifan lost her chance to finish the match today. For the second time in the match Ruan Lufei, playing Black, chose Caro-Kann. She managed to win a pawn but could not implement it into more in the ending with the opposite color bishops and rooks. Then Black decided to transform the position into the ending with 3 pawns and a bishop against a pawn and a rook of White. Despite an advantage she didn`t succeed to win those ending and could not equalize the score in the match.  Tomorrow Ruan Lufei plays with white pieces. She needs to gain a full point in order to balance a score and let the match to be decided in tie-breaks.

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