Monday, January 30, 2012

The Virgin (Our Lady) from the Battle of Lepanto

Well, when we were in Madrid a few weeks ago Mr. Don sort of wanted to go see the Naval Museum, but I said - do you think there would really be anything of interest in there for us?  He didn't press, and we never toured the museum.

Now I learn they are restoring this incredible statue.  Never heard of her until I read about her tonight.  she's awesome - take a look at her, and if that blue eye isn't enough to send shivers up and down your spine I don't know what ever would!

Information in English:
Statue of Our Lady at 1571 Battle of Lepanto comes to light!


carlos lascoutx said...

...el Manco de Lepanto, Miguel de
Cervantes lost use of his arm in
that battle from a chest wound,
recovered to become tax collector
for the Crown, and write Don Quixote=
Quiotl(N)=tallo del Maguey, the lance
that ends the Century plant's life.

Jan said...

Hola, Carlos.

What do you think of her, this Virgin with the haunting eye?

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