Saturday, May 5, 2012

Would You Like to Learn Mandarin?

The China Institute in America in New York City is offering an intensive six-week course in Mandarin where you will learn to speak, read and write basic Mandarin.  It's not inexpensive - tuition is $2,700.00 - oops!  Sorry, I missed posting this prior to the early registration cut-off date of May 1st, so the tuition is now $2,800.00.  But if you've got the time (will be meeting a minimum of four hours every day, it appears, not sure if this includes Saturdays and Sundays, eek!) and the desire to learn the language and some of the basic written ideograms, this is the course for you!

Note the "guarantee" languate I highlighted from the website, below: You WILL be able to conduct conversations, and read and write short passages.  Wow! 

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Learn Mandarin In China said...

You have created a very useful site and also very informative for all. Generaly Mandarin Chinese with four tones. These are the cornerstones to good pronunciation, and once you have mastered them, everything else will fall in place. Thanks a lot.

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