Thursday, May 3, 2012

2012 Bulgarian Women's Chess Championship

I assume that the Bulgarian Women's Championship is a true invitational, that is, the top-rated female players in the country are NOT COMPELLED by the country's chess federation to play in the championship but are free to decline an invitation, usually (but not always) due to the paucity of prize money and lack of prestige associated with the title.

And so, this gives younger and/or lower-rated female players a chance to go for the title.  Final standings, Bulgarian women's championship (information from The Week in Chess):

110Videnova IvaWGMBUL2301*011111111808
29Raeva ElitsaWIMBUL22921*½½½1111106
33Galunova TsvetaBUL20460½*1½0½11114
45Nikolova AdrianaWGMBUL22930½0*01111105
56Genova LyubkaWIMBUL22590½½1*½0½11503
68Voiska MargaritaWGMBUL23160010½*1½1½03
71Chilingirova PavlinaWIMBUL210900½010*½11403
87Yordanova SvetlaWIMBUL21160000½½½*½1301
94Ivanova SimonetaBUL19630000000½*101
102Tsekova ViktoriaBUL187600000½000*½00

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