Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012 French Women's Chess Championship

Hola darlings!

Well, trying to decipher the French website is as bad as trying to decipher a Russian website written in Cyrillic!  I can't do it, despite four years of high school French umpteen years ago (I will not define what umpteen is in terms of centuries).

This current table is from The Week in Chess:

ch-FRA w 2012 Pau FRA (FRA), 14-24 viii 2012cat. III (2325)
1.Skripchenko, AlmiramFRA2442**1.½1½10.1162482
2.Milliet, SophiemFRA24110.**½1½0½11.2340
3.Safranska, AndawgFRA2298½0½0**1.1½½.42348
4.Collas, SilviamFRA2261½0½10.**1.0½2306
5.Maisuradze, NinowgFRA22841.½00½0.**1½2285
6.Bollengier, AndreeawmFRA2253000.½.1½0½**2194

I am shouting out to WGM Nino Maisuradze, who has played in one of our Goddesschess sponsored-events and won the women's title (and in 2011 the outright title) in the last couple of Grand Pacific Opens held near Vancouver, in British Columbia around Easter each year.  This year she ran into the buzz saw that is GM Hikaru Nakamura who happened to be in the area and played in the GPO.  Of course he won.  It would have been incredibly shocking if he had not.  Maisuradze came in second.  She had an excellent tournament.  We've already struck a deal with the organizers for 2013 sponsorship, and hope she'll be able to return to defend her title.

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