Friday, November 23, 2012

WFM Mahalakshmi Defeats a GM, heh heh

From The Times of India

Mahalakshmi shocks Sahaj Grover in round

CHENNAI: [Excerpted] Woman FIDE Master M Mahalakshmi caused a big upset by bringing down Grandmaster Sahaj Grover in an exciting Nimzo Indian game even as top seed Grandmaster Sergei Tiviakov of The Netherlands won both the games to stay in lead after the second round in Commonwealth Chess Championships, on Friday.

Sharing the lead with Tiviakov at two points were GMs Oleksienko Mikhailo (Ukraine), Marat Dzhumaev (Uzbekistan), Lintchevski Daniil (Russia), S P Sethuraman, M R Venkatesh, M R Lalith Babu, S Arun Prasad, R R Laxman (all India), IM Oliver Dimakiling (Philippines) and Mahalakshmi among others.

In the second round, after a sedate start, Mahalakshmi went for a king-side assault that had the Delhi based Grandmaster in trouble.

An exchange sacrifice in the 31st turn could not stem the queen, rook and bishop battery and Sahaj gave up faced [with defeat] after 41 moves. Mahalakshmi had won the Gold medal in the Under 14 Girls section, last week in the World Youth Chess Championships at Maribor, Slovenia.

Newly crowned National Premier Champion and International Master G Akash (ELO 2404) suffered a stunning defeat at the hands of the 16-year-old Madhurima Shekhar (ELO 1959).

The French game developed into an interesting tussle and Madhurima equalised quickly and the queenless middle-game slowly moved in her favor. Giving up his rook for bishop on the 31st move, could not solve Akash's difficulties and faced with a mate, he resigned on 40th move.

A big win for the Delhi girl and good show from here, will help her to strike a Norm.

WFM M Mahalakshmi - GM Sahaj Grover 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.e3 Bxc3 5.bxc3 c5 6.Bd3 Nc6 7.Nf3 O-O 8.O-O d6 9.e4 e5 10.d5 Ne7 11.Nh4 Bg4 12.f3 Bd7 13.f4 Ne8 14.f5 Nxd5 15.cxd5 Qxh4 16.Rf3 Qe7 17.Rh3 f6 18.Qh5 g6 19.Qh6 gxf5 20.exf5 Kh8 21.Be3 Rg8 22.Qh4 Nc7 23.Be4 Qf7 24.Rf1 Bb5 25.Rf2 a5 26.Rb2 Rab8 27.c4 Bxc4 28.Bf3 Bd3 29.Bh5 Qe7 30.Bg6 Rg7 31.Bh6 Rxg6 32.fxg6 Bxg6 33.Rd2 b5 34.Rf3 Ne8 35.Rdf2 b4 36.Bc1 Rc8 37.Qh6 Qg7 38.Qh3 Qb7 39.Bg5 f5 40.Rxf5 Bxf5 41.Qxf5 1-0

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