Saturday, May 11, 2013

2013 FIDE Women's Grand Prix: Geneva Rounds 7 and 8

Results of yesterday's matches:

Round 7 on 2013/05/10 at 14:00
4WGMTuvshintugs Batchimeg22980 - 1GMAlexandra Kosteniuk249112
5GMViktorija Cmilyte25220 - 1IMBela Khotenashvili25053
6GMAnna Muzychuk25851 - 0GMTatiana Kosintseva25172
7WGMOlga Girya24630 - 1GMNana Dzagnidze25451
8GMKateryna Lagno25480 - 1GMYifan Hou261711
9GMAnna Ushenina24910 - 1WGMWenjun Ju254410

Results of today's matches:

Round 8 on 2013/05/11 at 14:00
12GMAlexandra Kosteniuk24911 - 0WGMWenjun Ju254410
11GMYifan Hou26170 - 1GMAnna Ushenina24919
1GMNana Dzagnidze25450 - 1GMKateryna Lagno25488
2GMTatiana Kosintseva25171 - 0WGMOlga Girya24637
3IMBela Khotenashvili2505½ - ½GMAnna Muzychuk25856
4WGMTuvshintugs Batchimeg2298½ - ½GMViktorija Cmilyte25225

Holy Hathor!  Kosteniuk making a late move, winning her second game in a row!  Hou Yifan losing to Ushenina (?)!  Other than in events where primarily male players were participating, when has Hou ever lost 3 games in an event?  Lahno defeating Dzagnidze with the black pieces!  What's going on in Geneva?  More importantly, what's in the water - and can I get some of that here in Milwaukee?

Standings after Round 8:

13IMBela Khotenashvili2505GEO*½0101111½5
26GMAnna Muzychuk2585SLO½*½1½½1½1½3
38GMKateryna Lagno2548UKR½*½½011½1503
42GMTatiana Kosintseva2517RUS10*½½½½11503
510WGMWenjun Ju2544CHN0½½*101½113
69GMAnna Ushenina2491UKR½½0*11½½½02
711GMYifan Hou2617CHN101½0*01½403
81GMNana Dzagnidze2545GEO0½0½*½1½1402
912GMAlexandra Kosteniuk2491RUS00½10½*1½02
104WGMTuvshintugs Batchimeg2298MGL0½0½100*½½1
115GMViktorija Cmilyte2522LTU0½0½½0½½*½0
127WGMOlga Girya2463RUS0000½½0½*00

2013 FIDE Women's Grand Prix Geneva: Round 8 Hou Yivan v. Anna Ushenina.

May 12th is a much needed rest day before the final two rounds. 

The only player left who has not suffered a loss thus far is Anna Muzychuk.  This is a gem of a tournament, to my way of thinking.  No one is running away with it (although, in the tradition of other fabulous Georgian chessplayers, Khotenashvili is looking more and more solid as the tournament goes on), and several "upsets."  Wish I could play a tenth as well, but darlings, I'm hopeless.  Last night I resigned a game before move 12 (with the black pieces) when I was checked with a knight on the back row and would lose a rook next move.  Hopeless.  I'm hopeless. 

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