Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Anjana Murali to Host 2013 Milwaukee Area Chess Summer Camps

Got this info from the Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Federation as part of their monthly email:

2nd Free All Girls Chess Camp June 18 - 20

Anjana Murali Hosts All Girls Chess Camp
Anjana will once again host a free all girls chess camp. This camp will be for players with ratings less than 300 and for players just beginning. This camp will be held over three days at Washington Dubois Christian Leadership Academy at 53rd and Hampton in Milwaukee. Each camper will receive a chess set, WSCF All Girls T-shirt and lunch each day. The camp begins at 9:00 am and ends each day at 3:00, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This camp will be limited to 50 participants and will be taught once again by scholastic chess veterans from Milwaukee. James Madison High School chess coach, Michael Moore will also help to lead and instruct at the camp. To provide the free camp WSCF must raise $2000. You can help with funding the camp by going to WSCF's First Giving site.

As you can see, this Chess Camp is for females only, for those young ladies who want to learn the basics of how to play chess, and for players with a rating of 300 or lower.  Darn it, I don't qualify with my rating of five hundred something...

Anjana Murali is a wonderful young lady and a very good chess player.  I do hope she will play in the October, 2013 Hales Corners Chess Challenge or in the June, 2013 Milwaukee Summer Challenge also hosted by the Southwest Chess Club (formerly known as the Hales Corners Chess Club, or something like that - my memory - ach!)  The Milwaukee Summer Challenge will take place June 15-16, 2013, so it does not conflict with the scheduled All Girls Chess Camp.

Funds are needed, if you can see it in your heart to contribute.  Every little bit helps, no matter how small.

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