Saturday, May 11, 2013

2013 U.S. Women's Chess Championship: Round 7

It was ladies' night out last night, so I'm catching up today by listening to a recording of yesterday's live action.  Here are the results R7 and standings after R7:

1WIM Zenyuk, Iryna3.02243WGM Foisor, Sabina2.523001-0
2IM Zatonskih, Anna4.52466WFM Kats, Alena2.021441-0
3WGM Belakovskaia, Anjelina2.02263WGM Baginskaite, Camilla2.52278½-½
4WFM Chiang, Sarah1.02098WGM Abrahamyan, Tatev5.02280½-½
5IM Krush, Irina5.52470WIM Ni, Viktorija2.022621-0

1IM Krush, Irina6.5F24702679+1.1811111½1
2IM Zatonskih, Anna5.5F24662489+0.251101½11
3WGM Abrahamyan, Tatev5.5F22802486+1.7811½1½1½
4WIM Zenyuk, Iryna4.0F22432312+0.671010½½1
5WGM Baginskaite, Camilla3.0F22782230-0.50½01½½0½
6WGM Foisor, Sabina2.5F23002152-1.4400011½0
7WGM Belakovskaia, Anjelina2.5F22632206-0.60011000½
8WIM Ni, Viktorija2.0F22622122-1.36½½00100
9WFM Kats, Alena2.0F21442170+0.110½½½0½0
10WFM Chiang, Sarah1.5F20982091-0.09000001½

Krush back to form with a win, Zatonskih had to work hard for her victory over Alena Kats but won the point with white in the end, to move 1 point back of the lead and moved into second place over Abrahamyan, who dropped to third after drawing her game with Sarah Chiang (according to the live commentary at one point GM Yasser Seirawan really liked Abrahamyan's chances of winning the game, so -- something happened -- but perhaps after her win yesterday Chiang has got over a big psychological barrier and is now playing up to her full potential).  Belakovskaia and Baginskaite drew their game in 31 moves. 

I didn't expect to see a draw in Krush's game (which I didn't), and I didn't expect to see a draw in Abrahamyan's game, either; I was surprised there!  Obviously this has big implications for today's R8 where Krush and Abrahamyan will face off against each other.

Let's take a look at R8 match-ups:

1WGM Foisor, Sabina2.52300WIM Ni, Viktorija2.02262
2WGM Abrahamyan, Tatev5.52280IM Krush, Irina6.52470
3WGM Baginskaite, Camilla3.02278WFM Chiang, Sarah1.52098
4WFM Kats, Alena2.02144WGM Belakovskaia, Anjelina2.52263
5WIM Zenyuk, Iryna4.02243IM Zatonskih, Anna5.52466

The games I'll be following are Abrahamyan v. Krush and Zenyuk v. Zatonskih.  Realistically, one would expect both Krush and Zatonskih to win their respective games despite playing with the black pieces. Both championships, however, have thrown up interesting surprises (like Kamsky's and Onischuk's draws yesterday), and my score as a prognosticator isn't very good, darlings :)  So I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the action on live coverage for R8 while continuing my house-cleaning blitz.

I will also be paying attention to the women's lower boards as the ladies on the bottom half of the scoreboard will be fighing for every increment of prize money.

And the Goddesschess Fighting Spirit (Fighting Chess) Prize of $500 is up for grabs.  The women are NOT making it easy to select a winner, let me tell you!

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