Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Ken Whyld Association (KWA)

The Ken Whyld Association (KWA) website contains a lot of interesting information in addition to news and announcements for the Association’s members. Membership fees are reasonable and support the great work the Association is doing – a monumental effort – nothing less than compiling a comprehensive index of all existing chess literature and chess-related publications in the world! From the website: The initiator of this idea was the Dutch collector Dr Jurgen Stigter, whose appeal led to the formation of the "Amsterdam Group" in November 2002. The official foundation of our Association which was named after the English chess historian Kenneth Whyld (* March 6th, 1926 † July 11th, 2003) took place in November 2003. We had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Stigter in Amsterdam at the IGK Symposium in 2001, and it was there we also met the late Ken Whyld, who became a good friend of Goddesschess until his death in July, 2003. Dr. Stigter, a personable gentleman, owns an extensive collection of chess literature. Ken Whyld’s extensive collection of chess literature and chess-related publications, etc. (his second collection; his first was liquidated upon a divorce years ago) was purchased from his family through a donation by a private party that was arranged through/to the Swiss Museum of Games (Musée Suisse du Jeu, Schweizerische Spielmuseum) at La Tourde-Peilz on Lake Geneva, where it will be accessible to scholars and historians from around the world. Tim Harding wrote an article that discussed the KWA, you can find it here at the Chess Café.

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