Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Night Miscellany

Hola! It's been a long hard week (nothing new there!) The weather seems to have finally turned - it's still in the 30's at night but now it's getting into the higher 40's during the day, and according to the forecast this weekend we may see a high of 58 F on Sunday, yippee! We need to dry out from all of the melted snow PLUS the rain rain rain, never-ending rain! Yech! I'm waterlogged, darlings! And anxious to start the yard work - we are about 2 weeks behind schedule weather-wise, this year. The yard looks horrid - lots of branches and twigs blown down from the wind storms during the late fall and winter when it was too cold and/or snowy and/or wet to get out and clean up. And probably half of ton of peanut shells left over from what I fed the critters this winter! Where's my rake? Tomorrow is the annual NAIC Investors Fair and the ladies of the investment club are going. It's a great day out but a long one, starting with breakfast at 8:00 a.m. and not ending until about 3:00 p.m. We recently added a fifth member who is tres sympatico, and now we'll be accumulating $$$ even faster than before. This is a good time to be investing - going into a recession. Lots of good companies are on sale and we've been accumulating some funds to invest over the past several months. There's been some interesting news this week: Here's a weird one: Man Haunted by Text Messages from Deceased Wife - buried with her cell phone! Cue spooky music....whhhhaaaaaaaaa........ Even weirder: Old nuclear-missile silo now houses UFO research center, yeah yeah, I didn't even bother reading that story. But last night, I must have held a trace of that "headline" in my mind because I had the most bizzarre dream about a long-abandoned local "Nike missile" site that was not so abandoned after all - in fact - it held several multi-nuclear warhead armed ICBMs (do they still call them that, by the way?) just waiting to be launched by a madman Republican President who shall remain nameless - until yours truly and her trusty cohorts in Truth, Goddess, and The American Way saved the day. Ta da! LOL! Hmmmm, way over the borderline of bizzarre: Pet owners and animal care professionals learn how to tap into their Spirit Teachers and Power Animals during Introduction of Shamanic Journeying hosted by Animal Spirit Healing and Education Network as part of the Shamanic Healing for Animals study program. "Big Cat" sightings:

Evidently, reports of sightings of "big cats" (cougars) go back dozens of years in the midwest and Canada. Guess the zoologists don't know all there is to know (well, of course not, but I expect the majority of them are like the majority of chess historians - hide bound and tunnel vision to 19th century "knowledge" that is wrong-headed and just plain wrong!)


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