Monday, June 23, 2008

700,000 Year Old "Earl Humans"?

This article is full of baloney - if you accept the present time line of human development as absolutely correct! There were NO "early humans" 700,000 years ago! "Early humans" didn't exist until perhaps 40,000 years ago according to currently accepted chronology. Everything else is just pre-human, according to the experts. Personally, I think the "out of Africa" stuff is just as suspect as the dating of this Qatar settlement! Article from Prehistoric settlement found in Qatar Tuesday, June 24, 2008-->Web posted at: 6/23/2008 2:25:18 Source ::: Agencies DOHA • A prehistoric settlement in what is now Qatar may confirm alternative theories on how early humans emigrated from the African continent, a report in a Danish newspaper said. Danish archaeologists have uncovered a settlement they believe may be over 700,000 years old, making it the oldest organised human community ever found, reported Berlingske Tidende newspaper. Eight dwellings in the desert region of Qatar indicate that an early human species crossed what is now the Red Sea to leave their origins in Africa, according to the scientists. There is still uncertainty within the scientific community as to which routes early humans used to migrate out of Africa. The new discovery has only been tentatively dated by the archaeologists, who have estimated the age from types of artefacts found at the site, which include axes and knives. Other dating tests are necessary to confirm the estimates, but the find can only be carbon-dated with accuracy if organic material, such as bones, are found.

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