Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random Round-Up

RR at Goddesschess has been updated by delion, the master web magician. This week he takes a look at a HOT HOT HOT topic - the Devil and chess. From the old tale about Paolo Boi and the Devil (image) to dreams of chess-playing incubi, he covers a wide spread of entertaining and enlightening information. Enjoy! Random Round-Up can be found in the right-hand column at Goddesschess under the Access Mundae.

We did not consult this week about RR; sometimes I make suggestions and provide links to articles and information I found interesting (sometimes he uses that info, sometimes he doesn't); sometimes we're so busy doing our respective "things" we don't talk or email at all! It's interesting, therefore, that delion picked a "devilish" theme for RR this week, as it was also the theme of my June 1, 2008 coverage of the U.S. Women's Chess Championship at Chessville. Just another one of those little synchronicities that makes life so interesting...

And now, darlings, I'm going to take a break and cut the grass in the back yard. And then sit on the deck and enjoy a few glasses of wine while I catch up on some reading!

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