Thursday, June 19, 2008

Katherine Neville "The Eight" Sequel Soon!

A search here under "The Eight" will bring up 11 prior posts - I think that's the most posts I've ever done on one subject. I tested it - if you click on a label that will bring up all posts that are labeled the same. Pretty cool. I won't go on and on yet again about how it was "The Eight" that brought me to chess - I would say "back to chess" but, you see, I'd never been "in chess" to begin with, so there was nothing to which to be brought back! Suffice to say that I was pleased as punch to read this evening (after a long, hard day at the office, and after two glasses of wine out on the deck after I got home, just decompressing) at Susan Polgar's blog that the long-awaited sequel to "The Eight" will be released in October! Of course I pre-ordered my copy IMMEDIATELY, lol! It's called "The Fire" and picks up 30 years after the sequence of events that transpired in "The Eight." I hope it turns into a series. KN must therefore live at least another 40 years - I think we're about the same age and I want her to continue writing sequels as long as I live, and I intend to live into my nineties. Here's the info from the publisher. For fans of Katherine Neville, no further explanation is necessary. For people unfamiliar with "The Eight," I recommend reading through some of my postings of materials related to chess from the novel (see search info above). You'll either find it intriguing - or boring. It's up to you, darlings. But before you dismiss it - "The Eight" has everything that's worthwhile: intelligence, sex, beautiful men, sex, beautiful women, sex, love, sex, chess, chess, chess, sex sex sex, an all involving-mystery, sex, did I say chess? - and, not least, the Great White Goddess in all her untold glory. All done with exquisite taste and balance. No raunch, no porn, no cheap shots. Did I mention I can't wait for the sequel?

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