Sunday, June 29, 2008

Supporting Local Chess with $$$: Houston Chess Club

Kudos to Glenn Wilson, who has donated a prize fund of $50 for an upcoming July 4th event at the Houston Chess Club: $25 to the first player to promote a pawn, and $25 to the last player to promote a pawn. Glenn was much struck with delion's idea for and funding of a $100 prize at the 2008 Canadian Open to the first player (no class or rating limitation) to promote a pawn, and he has taken it one step further with his funding of two prizes for the Houston Chess Club event. Hey darlings, that just goes to show, the old song lyrics are right "it's never too late, never too late, baby..." Here are the particulars about the special Pawn Promotion Prize for the Houston Chess Club's July 4th event, from Glenn's chess blog. Here's some information about the Houston Chess Club.

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