Saturday, July 5, 2008

Young Chess Phenom Ivana Furtado Continues to Dominate

From the NavHind Times Sunday, July 6, 2008 Ivana continues to dominate NT NETWORK PANAJI - Young queen under-8 double world girls champion Ivana Furtado continued to steal the show winning both the rounds to tally 4 out of 4 on the second day of state U-11 chess tournament at Vasco today. Ivana playing with white pieces defeated Neharika Tapadia. She won in 38 moves. In the 4th round Ivana, playing white, defeated Riya Sawant in 69 moves in queen pawn cambridge spring variation. Urvi Bandekar playing against Gauri Hadkonkar who recently came 12th in the national under-11 girls played the Ruy Lopez with the white pieces. But on the 11th move, Urvi playing an inferior move h3 was punished by Gauri. Urvi held on bravely fighting hard to salvage the game. But in a long battle lasting 67 moves Urvi was beaten. Other results at the end of girls 4th round: Varshista Reddy (3) defeated Pranali Desai (2); Vidula Dempo (3) defeated Sonali Kerkar; Niharika Tapadia (3) defeated Sakhsi Naik(2); Shivani Bekhi (3) defeated Apurva Naik (2) and Braganza Lisel (3) defeated Aishwarya Thorat (2). Tomorrow will be the girls 5th round. Ivana will be playing Gauri Hadkonkar.

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