Sunday, September 14, 2008

2008 Women's World Chess Championship

An interesting development! Susan Polgar's blog reports that Hou lost behind the White pieces to Kosteniuk in Game 1 of the WWCC finals (4 games total, plus play-offs if needed). Chessdom has lost interest in reporting currently on the WWCC - wonder why, when they were doing such a good job the first several rounds? Did all of their favorites go home too? The official website isn't any better - no current news, although supposedly you can follow the games there live (I haven't tried it). Instead, it features an article by GM Sergey Shipov (September 14, 2008) stuffed full of sexist stereotypes. Geez! He also included comprehensive analysis of the four semi-final games played between Kosteniuk-Cramling, and Hou-Koneru, so he partially redeemed himself from being a total schmuck.

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