Tuesday, November 4, 2008

GM Antoaneta Stefanova - On a Roll!

From internationalibox.bg Antoaneta Stefanova with at least four medals from the beginning of October Updated on: 04.11.2008, 17:43 Published on: 04.11.2008, 17:38 Author: Diana Stoykova Four medals, two golden and two silver, has won gross master Antoaneta Stefanova during the last month. First in the Chinese capital Beijing the ex-world and European champion won a golden medal in accelerated chess and a sliver medal in blitz at the first World Mind Games in Beijing. At the European Club Cup in Calethea (Greece) Stefanova won a silver medal with her new team Spartak Vidnoe (Russia) and a golden medal on the second board. "The competition was really hard. In Beijing it was difficult, because of the trip, the time difference and the new rules. I lost the blitz from Aelxandra Kostenjuk, but at the accelerated games I compensated the loss", stated Lazarova. Until the end of the year she will take part in a tournament in Barcelona where she will be the only woman. From 12 to 25 November in Dresden the Chess Olympic Games will be held, where Stefanova will be the first board of the Bulgarian team. "I hope that I will perform well on both tournaments", adds Antoaneta.
In the Casino de Barcelona Tournament (mentioned above), after six (of 10) rounds completed, Stefanova is at 3.5. She's had all draws and one win thus far. Dreev and Georgiev are tied for first place with 4.0 each, and Stefanova is tied with Lopez and Jobaba at 3.5.

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