Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tut Statue Found in Kurdistan Is Fake

Here is my prior post on the subject. Article at March 14, 2009 Kurdistan’s Tut Ank Amun faked Kurdsat Kurdistan archeologists union on Thursday announced that the statute of Tut Ank Amun recently found in the city of Duhok was faked. Last month, sources from Kurdistan’s Duhok city declared that a statute of Tut Ank Amun, the well known pharaoh of Egypt, was found and raised speculations about possible historical relations between the ancient Egyptians and the authorities in Kurdistan thousands of years ago. Historians said that finding the statute could be only interpreted as a sign of two possibilities, either the possibility of having diplomatic relations between the Egyptians and Kurds or that of Kurdistan’s invasion by the Pharaohs. However, time and investigations proved the interpretations incorrect. Speaking in a press conference, Dilshad Aziz, expert in the science of archeology and head of the union said the statute was faked, as the investigations came to the conclusions that the substance from which the statute made does not match with those found in Egypt. He said that kind of statute was currently made in Egypt and Kurdistan either, adding that the owner of the neo -Tut Ank Amun could have hidden it for purposes of misleading people of doing something else. ********************************************************************** I wonder if this is the last we'll hear of this story... What if the statue is genuine but was carved out of local materials elsewhere and imported into Kurdistan?

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