Monday, July 27, 2009

Shira Chess Challenge: Update

Hola darlings! More news from Shira at the orphanage in Portugal: The Lessons Have Begun! Check out Shira's Day One video at You Tube. The kids are so cute! After successfully learning the parts of the Leapster, they each receive a Leapster of their own in a special ceremony. The final few seconds is very special - one of the older girls is showing a younger girl how to use the stylus. Here is Shira's Chesslabs for Kids' Facebook Cause site, where you can find the Day 1 Photo Album. Note - I got a script error message when I clicked on the Photo Album page, but after clicking on it a few times it went away and the photos showed up. I don't know if it's just this balky computer (it's practically an antique now, I got it in 2003). There are 14 of them, you can get a pretty good idea of the kids, the place where they are, and some of the caretakers. There are wee little babies, too. Training Update: I am in serious trouble in my end game with Soleil76. Crap! I am just so STOOPID sometimes. I overlook the most elementary moves that the other side can make to block all my best made plans. I have no strategic skills whatsoever. BIG SIGH. On a happier note, although I feel badly rejected by the no response from the third person I had earlier invited to a game (I conclude I wasn't enough of a challenge, heh!), I received a new invitation from another person who has been following the story here, at the blog! Yippee! So I am very happy to play, although this person will probably use me to wipe up the computer screen. Hey - practice is practice, right? LOL! My game with Frog Breath is totally out of my control. I just moved my Queenside rook (now I'm minus my Queen) to a center file in a bid to threaten suicide penetration. It seems we're in an end game and we didn't even get out of the beginning. I definitely think Frog Breath is Shirov. I think I may throw a little of my "Moro" at him and play something totally crazy. Well, on second thought, that won't work. I already play crazy as it is. Hmmm, back to the drawing board... Liz Vicary - do you read this blog? Can you HELP me??? You teach kids about chess. Surely you can take on a woman of a certain age (ahem) who has delusions of grandeur (me). Do I really need to study those blasted data bases Chessdaddy sent me??? Oh Goddess!

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